Before and After FFRF Complaint

Before and After FFRF Complaint


A complaint by the Freedom From Religion Foundation a year ago about a plaque (top) at a city-hosted museum in Moorhead, Minn., resulted in the reworded plaque (bottom).

The original plaque, accompanying a so-called Celtic cross on the lawn, was a gift from a Lutheran pastor six years ago and read (unbelievably): “A tribute to those intrepid Celtic monks and priests who, with the Gospel of Christ’s love and together with other Catholic orders helped make the transition from the Viking pagan culture to a Christian nation. ODIN FOUGHT – CHRIST WON.”

The original plaque was removed soon after the Foundation’s complaint.

The replacement reads: “This monument is a replica of a Celtic cross which stands in the churchyard in Loen in Nordfjord, Norway. The original cross was emplaced before 995 AD. A gift from Rev. and Mrs. Molldrem.”

The photo of the replacement plaque was recently sent by the Foundation’s complainant in the case, who does not wish to be named.

The Foundation objected not only to the plaque but to the so-called replica Celtic cross, which has strange, bite-sized holes in it. Moorhead resident Chuck Wallace originally complained about the plaque a couple of years ago.

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