Timely Book on Bible’s Treatment of Women Reissued by Foundation

In these critical days when fundamentalists are seeking to unite church and state, it behooves thoughtful women and men to “know thine enemy.”

Woe to the Women–The Bible Tells Me So: The Bible, Female Sexuality & the Law, by Annie Laurie Gaylor, takes up where Elizabeth Cady Stanton’s 19th century The Woman’s Bible left off.

First written in 1981, Woe to the Women has been revised, updated, expanded and reissued as a hardback with several new chapters and sections.

The new epilogue, “The Continuing Threat,” documents how little the religious stranglehold on women’s rights has altered in the last 23 years.

Lucidly argued, concise and thorough, Woe to the Women exposes the bible’s harmful stereotypes about women as male property and sin-inciting temptresses. Chapters expose biblical teachings about women’s “nature,” motherhood, marriage, abortion, divorce, adultery, grooming, sexual assault and incest, and prostitution.

Delightfully illustrated by Alma Cuebas, the easy-to-read book includes complete bible passages pertaining to women, as well as the original valuable compendium of more than 200 sexist verses.

Woe to the Women offers a timely warning that the bible is a handbook for the subjugation of women, and that the only true barrier standing between it and women is a secular government.

Freedom From Religion Foundation