‘I’m atheist and I vote’ billboards welcomed candidates to Madison

Billboards featuring local atheist voters greeted presidential candidates and their staff as they traveled to campaign in Madison in advance of the April 5 Wisconsin primaries.
FFRF displayed its ‘I’m an Atheist and I Vote’ billboards in 12 locations across Madison featuring local Millennials.

“Madison is a very secular city, and we want the candidates to acknowledge our presence and priorities,” said Calli Miller, FFRF’s legal assistant, who is featured on one of the billboards. “Candidates should acknowledge secular voters as the fastest-growing minority group in America, while committing to keep religion out of government.”

Since President Obama was first elected, the number of religiously unaffiliated adults in America has grown by 19 million, fueled largely by growth of young, secular Millennials.

The billboards are part of FFRF’s campaign to reach voters across the nation through FFRF chapters, a national TV ad buy focusing on the separation of church and state, efforts to mobilize students on college campuses, and coordination with the nation’s other major freethought associations as part of the June 4 Reason Rally in Washington, D.C.

“Secular voters are highly educated and independent-minded,” said FFRF Co-President Annie Laurie Gaylor. “They care deeply about women’s rights, environmental protection, marriage equality and social justice, and candidates should be reaching out to us directly.”

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