Sharing the crank mail

FFRF has a lot of admirers and fans. The following comments, printed as received, come from people who are the opposite of that.

why do you practice hate: I have never met an atheist I could trust. Normally they are angry. Its not about Thinking. Its not about science. That’s used as a smoke screen. Using Former Presidents son to push for your rights shows just what a liar your organization represents. Seperation of church and state in your interpretion is not what forefathers meant. THAT IS A LIE. READ YOUR HISTORY. — Jay Powe

Free Thinkers: Your page is really really hateful to anyone who does not agree with your views. You are even going as far as to try and STOP people from believing. Why can’t you pratice what your preaching and really be a “free thinker” and understand that what you believe is what you believe and does not mean your are correct in any way and should not try to forcefully remove others rights to have a Bible or pray. The only reason you would want these rights removed is due to the fact you know there is a God and you cannot understand that and believe youself, you want to take as many people down the non-believin path as possible with you and deny their right. — Kelley Corbell

Unreal: You guys are idiots. Your Ron Reagan commercial is pathetic. If in fact, he is really related to President Reagan, he is absolutely not worthy of his birth right. Sick,sick,sick…you deserve to burn in Hell. — Charles Skipper, South Carolina
I saw your ad: You are intellectually and perceptually dishonest. Anyone who does not believe that there is a Creator, is stupid. For something to exist, it has to be created! Nothing can exist without being created. Your father must have jerked off on a hot pile of shit and you were born from that. ­ — David Pelly

Freedom: You are just another religion, desperate to indulge in group narcissism —Paul Ward, California

Clayton: You people are psychos…. Why do you people feel the need to bother everything and everyone you disagree with? Is the Clayton NJ seal really bothering anything or anyone? Your cause is so insignificant! People like you inflame this country. Did anyone in Clayton realllllllly complain …. Um no! Get a fucking life losers! — Greg W., New Jersey

belief system: you people are miserable and want everyone else to be so too. that is why you want to ruin things for people who have faith. you want everyone to be as mixed up and nasty as you are. — Brad Schubert, Minnesota

Christ wins: We home school! We raise our children on CHRIST!!!!His BLOOD covers us!!! No cell phones, No television no computers!!! Survival in the mountains, fitness, daily praise to our CREATOR!!!!! Strange that you deny the truth for a lie!! The quicker you worldly people get things going the quicker CHRIST returns and destroys your father the devil!!! You can’t fool those who really have the HOLY SPIRIT to teach us and expose every lie!!! You may want to read the new testament !! You who deny GOD and CHRIST will be in eternal suffering, pain and complete darkness!!!! — Robert Heinrik, Alabama

FFRF commercial: In your commercial airing on tv, you ask people to donate money to you guys, and that our Founding Fathers intended to build this country with a separation from church and state. Basically youre soliciting money from people based on a lie. Ridiculous. Where did you formulate this idea that our founding fathers did not wish to integrate religion into our country’s fibers? In a dream? Fuck you. — Johnny Stucko

You know nothing: I will be using considerable monies to fight you people in courts until you are broke and out of business. I will argue your requirement to PAY for litigation in every state for every instance of litigation you seek. — Moe Fine

Article: Your integrity is lower than a snake’s belly in a wagon wheel rut. I feel sorry for you as you will rue the day you meet the Lord face to face. Then you will see the light, but it will be too late. The wisdom of God is foolishness to this world. I see that you buy into the foolishness. Rejoice while you can as you are being lead around by the devil like a pig with a ring in his nose. — John Hirsch, Texas

Your the scum of the earth: Your organization is a waste of oxygen on this over populated earth and you will reap what you sow — Stu Padaso, Michigan

Mororons: We’ll be laughing when you all go straight to hell for your hateful activities. Eat shit and die. — David Grume

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