They Said What?

So this Easter Week, of course we recognize that there’s a lot of pain and a lot of sin and a lot of tragedy in this world, but we’re also overwhelmed by the grace of an awesome God. We’re reminded how He loves us, so deeply, that He gave his only begotten Son so that we might live through Him.  

President Barack Obama, remarks, White House Easter prayer breakfast, 4-14-14


Now I am here in America all these years, and I am terribly disappointed religion is being interfered with. If they want me to go to jail, I will go to jail.

Rabbi Avrohom Cohn, 85, American Board of Ritual Circumcision chairman, on his refusal to stop performing metzitzah b’peh (orally sucking blood from the circumcision wound) despite documented health risks to the boy

Haaretz, 3-30-14


These toys can have a negative effect on children. They can destroy their souls and lead them to the dark side.

Fr. Slawomir Kostrzewa, news story, “Lego is a tool of Satan, warns Polish priest”

The Telegraph, 4-1-14


Calling for atheist thought in any form, or calling into question the fundamentals of the Islamic religion on which this country is based.

Provision in a new Saudi Arabian law defining atheism as terrorism

Human Rights Watch, 4-2-14


Fascism, Minnesota style. HF826 is simply another attack on the bible and conservative Christians.

State Rep. Mary Franson, R–Alexandria, debating a bill to toughen bullying laws

WCCO, 4-8-14


[The church] has asserted and continues to assert that trademark law and other intellectual property laws prohibit Jonathan from using the word “Mormon” to promote, market, or otherwise advertise the dating website.

Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints’ lawsuit against Jonathan Eller, who owns

Courthouse News Service, 4-10-14


I ask myself how I can sit at dinner and laugh at my husband’s jokes, when, right at that very same moment, innocent babies are being aborted in droves? I read today that a 5-day-old baby was abducted from her home in Wisconsin, and now I can barely function. I want to remain on my knees permanently in supplication and beg the Lord to reunite her safely with her family.

Question to columnist Mark Shea on how to relax when someone else somewhere is suffering

National Catholic Register, 4-11-14


Activists like Mahatma Gandhi or Martin Luther King Jr. used nonviolent methods having nothing to do with guns. Jesus is calling us to take it up a notch to the spiritual world.

Rev. Kenneth V.F. Blanchard, nondenominational Christian pastor and creator of the “Black Man with a Gun” blog and podcast

Human Events, 4-13-14 


If my stupidity brings one person to the love of Jesus Christ, then I have served a greater purpose and the consequences are well worth it.

Luke Emory Oyler, 29, charged with defiant trespass for running shirtless around the infield after crashing the pierogi race at a Pittsburgh Pirates-Chicago Cubs baseball game

Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, 4-8-14


I don’t mean that they’re making up she’s pregnant. But what great timing! I mean purely accidental, purely an act of nature, purely just left up to God. And God answered Hillary Clinton’s prayers and she’s going to have the prop of being a new grandma while she runs for president. It just warms the heart, it brings a tear to my eye. It really does.

Newsmax host Steve Malzberg, speculating on Chelsea Clinton’s pregnancy

“The Steve Malzberg Show,” 4-17-14


Why do we freak out? We’re human. We forget about the miracles.

Richard “Stick” Williams, Duke Energy vice president, speaking at the YMCA Community Prayer Breakfast at the NASCAR Hall of Fame in Charlotte, N.C.

Charlotte Observer, 4-24-14


Well, if I were in charge, they would know that waterboarding is how we baptize terrorists.

Former vice presidential candidate Sarah Palin, speaking at the NRA convention in Indianapolis

CBS News, 4-27-14


As long as they have [a biblical] worldview, then they’ll be a good judge. If they have a secular worldview, where this is all we have here on Earth, then I’m going to be very concerned about how they judge.

Matt Whitaker, GOP U.S. Senate candidate, telling a Family Forum audience in Ankeny, Iowa, he would insist that judicial nominees “be people of faith”, 4-28-14


The Creator will not hold us guiltless if we turn a deaf ear to the cries of his innocent babies. So come and get me if you must, Mr. President. I will not bow before your wicked regulation.

Rev. James Dobson, calling Barack Obama “the abortion president” at a National Day of Prayer event in the Cannon House Office Building

World Net Daily, 5-1-14


America, as did Israel in its blessing, has been turning away from God, driving him out of its public squares, bringing in idols in his place and calling what is evil good and what is good evil.

Rabbi Jonathan Cahn, speaking at the National Day of Prayer event

World Net Daily, 5-2-14 


I believe there are certain qualities that may be worthy of rape. If a woman dresses proactively[sic], gets blackout drunk and is wearing really revealing clothing, then I would say that she is partially responsible for the rape.

Arizona evangelical preacher Dean Saxton, aka Brother Dean Samuel, shouting “Yoga pants are sin” and holding a sign saying “You deserve rape”

The Raw Story, 5-6-14

Freedom From Religion Foundation