Its Unbelievable!


The license plates above were introduced by some Florida State legislators. The Tallahasee Democrat had these insights in an April 28 editorial:

“The idea of featuring the face of Jesus onto an automobile license plate is just downright disrespectful.

“But that’s where at least one legislator wants it. Right there where other specialty tags show a space shuttle or a manatee, where road grime accumulates and where exhaust fumes linger, that’s where state Sen. Gary Siplin, D-Orlando, would put the face of his ‘lord and savior Jesus Christ.’

“Among all the bad ideas lawmakers have the capacity to come up with, Siplin’s ‘Trinity’ plate (SB 2222 and 2326), or its cousin, the ‘I Believe’ plate of Sen. Ronda Storms (SB 642), R-Valrico, are right up there at the top.

“Ms. Storms’ license plate apparently would feature a cross over a stained-glass window. Mr. Siplin hasn’t been able to provide fellow legislators with an image of what his ‘Trinity’ plate would look like, but assures them that ‘It has a picture of my lord and savior Jesus Christ.’”

Freedom From Religion Foundation