Mayor’s ‘Jesus’ sign removed

A “Thank you, Jesus” sign was placed outside the Bayboro Town Hall, N.C., in December last year, much to FFRF Member Candace Young’s dismay.

“I went to the town meeting on Dec. 6 and asked them to take it down,” she said in an email to FFRF. “They immediately treated me as having no standing. One commissioner asked me if I believed in God, and another one asked how I could buy things because money says ‘In God We Trust.'”

She then asked to speak at the Dec. 20 meeting, but was told there was no meeting that day because it was the town’s annual Christmas party.

“So on that date, I delivered a letter to the board members and mayor stating that I would be having 10 religious signs made and would add them to the mayor’s sign if they did not remove the ‘Thank you, Jesus’ sign,” Young said.

Since the mayor did not remove his sign, Young added several of her signs to the lawn outside the Town Hall, at which point a call was made from the Town Hall to the Sheriff’s Department to complain about Young’s signs.

“The deputy said I would have to remove them, and I said I would when the mayor took his sign down,” Young said. “After some discussion and phone calls to the mayor, the deputy said the mayor would have the sign removed.”

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