FFRF hails new bill to fight discrimination

FFRF strongly supports a new bill to end immigration discrimination against people of any religious belief — including those with no religious belief.

Rep. Don Beyer, D-Va., introduced in Congress the Freedom of Religion Act of 2017.

The bill, which has more than 100 co-sponsors, has clear language providing nontheists protection from the type of religion-based policies that the Trump administration has put into place.

“Notwithstanding any other provision of the immigration laws, an alien may not be denied entry, re-entry, or admission to the United States, or any other immigration benefit, because of the alien’s religion or lack of religious beliefs,” a provision reads.
FFRF applauds a bill that not only upholds the Establishment Clause but contains such a clear reference to nonbelievers’ rights.

The plight of nonbelievers in other countries is of deep concern to FFRF since the organization has been involved through its charitable arm Nonbelief Relief Inc. to assist and relocate imperiled atheist Bangladeshi activists and bloggers.

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