FFRF presents to you, unedited, several of the letters we have received in the past month questioning our motives, intelligence and general right to be alive.

FFrF: Id like to thank you asshats for the removal of the veterans kneeling cross, i will be adding one to my yard n making them for others as well since you deem them an insult to your religious beliefs… go fuck yourselves morons — Rick S.

general question: Question; I am a Christian. I am not afraid of Zeus because I know he does not exist. Why are you so afraid of God? — Kevin Q.

Lame: What you are doing is not correct or moral. If something is to have a cross to accurately represent the memorial it should have one. I got a great idea to stop your movement. Its easy. Belle plain or other cities simply sell the 4×6 foot area to a private entity. Then they can put whatever they like including a fuck freedom from religion sign since this is America and we have that freedom. — Justin S.

Removing crosses: This organization is repulsive and should be absolutely shut down. Such ignorance that your organization doesn’t understand terrorism or how it keeps happening!! Only cowards with too much time and no courage to fight the real fight make decisions like this and I will do everything that I can to make people aware of this disgraceful organization! 1st amendment right? — Rebecca S.

Heretic: How arrogant for anyone to think that they know better than Jehovah God. Be forewarned, God will not be mocked. Many Athiests have no problem believing in ghosts and spirits since so many people have seen ghosts, but they choose not to believe in God, whom is spirit. You will surely find out when you die just how real God is when you meet Him face to face, and when you are judged for you unbelief. Don’t bother responding as I don’t care to be harrased and the email address I gave you is not real. — William B.

christian beliefs: This country was founded on Christian beliefs. Everyone is entitled to believe, or not believe, as they wish. However, the majority rules. I believe any business or government site should have the right to display the nativity. There is the separation of government and religion, but, again, the United States of America is a Christian country. No one is forcing you to look at the nativity. God is good all the time! — Linda Z.

Belle Plaine, MN: FFRF is prepositionally challenged. It’s freedom “of” religion, not freedom “from.” To satisfy the trivial whining of ONE person, you insisted on the removal of the cross from the Belle Plain cemetery – which MANY loved. What symbols does your organization appreciate in a cemetery? Many of us will be developing an objection to them. — Janice E.

Horrible people: You are horrible people for making towns and cities remove crosses. I hope you all burn in hell! This is a nation founded on Christianity if you don’t like it get the fuck out! We don’t want you anyway! I hope God make the rest of your lives miserable! — Michael R.

Worst people: You are the worst kind of people that I’ve heard of after reading some of the crap that you guys of done I pray you will get eyeball cancer — Joe N.

Sue me!: Hey guys guess what I did??? I prayed in school!!!! Whoops my bad!!! Sue me please!!! You know why I believe in GOD, simple reason, if you look at the beauty of Earth and just the scope of the universe. How can you not tell me there isn’t a God! You’re telling me in a blink of a second that everthing became form just like that? Oh it just happen chance too! You can’t explain why it happen or what not. I’m sorry but it takes more faith to believe in something to happen out of nothing than to believe that God simply spoke and something came from nothing! — Jay H.

Christians: In a letter i saw hall had 26000 members across the United States. 71% of Americans belive or relate to Christianity. So you have nothing but bull crap. Your foundation should be shut down you are nothing but rsdicals — Michael M.

Satan comes to kill: Satan comes to steal, kill, and destroy. Islam comes to steal, kill, and destroy. Obama comes to steal, kill, and destroy. Freedom from Religious foundation comes to steal, kill, and destroy. You might want to look over Islamic Laws becames Islam is now demanding Sharia Law in America and by July America will not have any more freedoms. August 21, plan between then and September 23 to have a nuclear attack in every major city in the USA. Hoorah to 324 Americans dead is your slogan from here on out. All white, black, Jews and Christians must die in the USA by September 23rd. My Curch complaint is to shut down every Islamic Mosque in America because America died from within because Islam is taking over from within. — John A.

Your organization: I pledged to see you BASTARDS destroyed and removed from this planet. May you BASTARDS burn in Hell! —Thomas G.

End of the libe: Send another fucking letter to another school or town threatening them if they don’t bow down and kiss your ass, and you will feel my fucking wrath. GET THE FUCK OUT OF THIS COUNTRY NOW — Steven J.

Your a bunch of scummy creeps!!! Trump will clean u up>: kkdj kkkkkkk lll hhhg — Jean M.

My opinion of ffrf: Why don’t you people get a real life and a real job. You’re just a bunch of pseudo-intellectual malcontents who have nothing going on in your lives other than foisting you agenda on the rest of us Americans. I am so sorry you shit heads are offended by nativity scenes. Go and throw your little whiney ass temper tantrums you pansy-assed fucktards! Maybe it’s about time someone took all of you out of sight!!!! — Robert B.

Coach prayer: Your foundation makes me sick. To put a man against the wall because he knelt to pray with his players is absolutely UN-American. You’re a bunch of busy bodies poking your nose into business that is not your own. —Chris A.

Complaint: every time something happens at the school someone goes running to you complaining about what I kids doing in school I kind of wish this would stop is freedom of religion not Freedom against religion but I think I’m just going to pull my kid out of school and homeschool him and teach him the right way and give him a better education I do not appreciate you all —Scott L.

God loves you: America would be better off if people like you would just guru your heard — Amy N.

Ideology: This so called ‘foundation’ is nothing but a radical activist group trying to stop Christians and their freedoms! Soon u will be no longer a organization, because Chriastianity will prevail! If anyone doesn’t like the constitutional rights here, leave! Here is my freedom of speech, which u will not take from me……all of u can go straight to HELL! We r not going to continue to take this! — Denise M.

Ignorant worthless Anti Americans: You are a poor excuse for human beings. Trolling and praying on people that are minding their own business. It is worthess scum like you that is killing the moral fabric of this country. There is a special place in hell for people like you. — Jim T.

prayer: I am going to pray for all of you while I am working here at my government job. — Ralph N.

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