Sharing the Crank Mail

A sampling of FFRF’s voluminous fan mail, printed as received.

Freedom: You people need to stay out of West Virginia with your evil ways! You people will burn in Hell if you don’t change your ways and repent to Jesus Christ! — Bernard Rice, Madison, W.Va.

Amendment I: It does NOT mean any other than the government shall not establish a state religion such as in England you stupid jackasses. I’m so sick of you leftist assholes fucking up my country. Eat a sack of dog shit. If you don’t have any, let me know, I’ll be happy to harvest some for you. — Dave B

Proof that God does not exist: I want documentation within 24 hours or I know that your statements are a joke and organization is a joke. — Jack Christian, Jerusalem

Your web site: Why don’t you stop trying to rewrite history, and why don’t you stop trying to destroy our nation. Why not try Egypt Syria, Iraq, Iran, or some other Arab nation. You would be put to death by some extremist. You ought to be thankful for Christian teaching in America. Take it away, and all you have left is humanism, and look where that is taking us. Wake up.
— Kim Alexander

Fruit cakes: How can a handful of nutjobs try and change a great nation. You are all ass-holes! Get out of this country or give us your names so we can publish them in the press. You guys hide behind a website and an ungodly agenda like the Isis murderers do behind cloth. — Egon Spangler

pathetic: Your intolerance is really something akin to communism, are you communist? Please respond, this is not a rhetorical question. Jesus is Lord, every knee will bow and every tongue confess. — jon coville

Help me: All i want is for you to get the networks to stop mentioning Valentine’s Day and for places like McDonald’s, Dunkin Donuts, Verizon not to promote that holiday. It is the only public holiday that is fully christian (it’s based on a saint). Those networks, and companies would never promote muslim things why let them promote a catholic thing about a SAINT?? Please help me. Work with me. — Crystal Habib

What’s up: Just wondering who you are bothering now with your faggotry. In other words, fuck-off!!! — Jerry Babbitt, California

Why: I am curious why you have to be greedy and rely on pride and self control to tear familys and communitys apart because your group has a very small purpose to become rich and famous with no direction in life. — anonymous

Attests are cool: Can u imagine if your wrong how long eternity is. Lmao y’all ass gonna be smoking down there beside hitler. You Yankees are hilarious. I jet your all for being queer though and playing with each other ball sacks. Hahahha anyway I own a company and don’t give 2shits who sues me. I fire atheists or give them jobs like cleaning toilets. — Brent Mckee, Freeport, Texas

Feckless fools: Oh you free thingers are nepharious fools! Real free thingers would understand that this country was founded with a religious foundation that gives appalling nihilistic individuals as you to do as you would like. Red,white blue or green devils, you are the antisthesis of evil. Many in the mid east would welcome you. Go see, please! May God have mercy on your souls. — God Bless America


What a shame: So the police chief in Searcy AR told you degenerate idiots to go pound sand!!! Good for him!! Plus your group is nothing but a bunch of sub-human degenerates on the same level of pedophiles and abortionists!! Just because you don’t believe in God does not give you the right to tell us believers that we can’t!! Or that we can’t have Christian symbols on government property!! — John Ammonett

mind your own business: When a city or county wants to put up a Manger at CHRISTMAS time in view of the public, it is none of your business. If a school classroom 3 states away chooses to say a prayer on school grounds before the school day starts, it is of no concern to you. This country was built on the belief of GOD. If u cant handle it, tough crap. Thank you and may GOD bless you. — Christopher Rowe, Indiana

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