Meet a legal intern: Kristin L. Martin

Name: Kristin L. Martin.

I was born: On a lazy Sunday afternoon in July.

Family: I have two parents and an older sister.

Education: I’m currently a law student at the University of Wisconsin-Madison. I received a bachelor of fine arts in painting from UW-Superior. (Go Yellowjackets!)

My religious upbringing was: On paper I was raised Methodist, but my Maronite mother made sure we got to Greek Orthodox services now and then. This was just as confusing as it sounds. 

How I came to work as an FFRF legal intern: I’d been aware of the FFRF for a few years but didn’t know they accepted legal interns until I joined the Secular Law Students Society at the UW Law School.

What I do here: I write letters that aim to stop Establishment Clause violations.

What I like best about it: I’m learning so much about the landmark cases that have shaped the way the Establishment Clause is interpreted and enforced. I’d say the best part is gaining an understanding of the specifics of the law.

My legal interests are: I’m interested in modern constitutional issues like privacy in electronic communications and GPS data, the role of atheists in American society and finding an appropriate balance between state and federal powers.

My legal heroes are: I’ve met some amazing women on the UW Law School faculty who have not only motivated me, but inspired my curiosity.

These three words sum me up: I could probably just be summed up by two words: “What’s next?”

Things I like: Painting, my rescue greyhound Zero, old globes.

Things I smite: Windows 8, air travel, horror movies.

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