Sharing the Crank Mail

Crosses and curses and prayers, oh my! A sampling of recent emails FFRF has gotten, printed as received.

Ground hogs: Total ignorance. For all your efforts you’ll still get to meet God. He awaits you. You aren’t free to think as you please when you’re interfering with other’s rights. When you take a Bible out of one place, and the majority wants that Bible, who’s being violated? Your ignorance and your smelly drawers precede you. What have you achieved in life? Not much of anything really. It takes substance. — Derek Clouse,Ph.D., Savannah, Ga.


free country: you may not be a believer .and that’s your choice .but you don’t have the right to tell the coach in nc that he cant pray to jesus .if other people don’t want to pray that’s there choice. bunch of communistic devils .don’t have the right to take away true god given rights .but what you promote and gloat is sinful and imorral leftwing devilish evil ways .that is wrong so .so just remember this is supposed to be a free country but people like you are trying to destroy it, — fred brendle, north carolina


Get real: I read the action of the University of Wisconsin removing Gideon bibles from their guest rooms. God is pained by your act. Retribution will be his. I wrote a friend of mine “I accomplish more by wiping may ass one time after taking a crap than you have done in your entire life! — Clairmont Brekken, Stoughton, Wis.


Football Coach: As a native of Mooresville, NC and a 1984 graduate of Mooresville Senior High School I am completely offended and pissed off that an organization composed of atheists based in Wisconsin has any say about what a good God Fearing Christian coach in Mooresville, NC is doing! I bet your organization would support putting Christian believers in concentration camps and torturing them…maybe you are a decendant of Hitler! It’s people like you that are turning our country that was founded on Christian principals into such a torn and violent place. — Lori Broome


Bibles removed from lodging: I’m a born again Christian and I find your organization offensive to the Christian country that I (we) live in! Why not Muslims boodist any other religions?? The bible tells us one day every knee shall bow and every tounge shall confess that JESUS CHRIST is LORD and yes this does mean you also weather you want to or not you will bow before him so you better start soul searching! — Mike Wallace, Richwood, Ohio


North Carolina Coach: I’m getting sick and tired of these attacks on religious people to the point that my cousin lives in N. Carolina and we may move there this summer and my son who enters high school next year loves football and I may be a problem for you people. And by the way if we do move I have some very good lawyers since I am an entertainer and I can afford them. So leave these kids alone. — Frank Puff, Rochester, N.Y.


NC coach: I read with horror your treatment of the North Carolina coach that prays with his team. I will follow the path the good Lord has laid out for me. When you begin to walk it; you will allow us the freedom the founders so beautifully outlined. — Marc Schaller, Ohio


A word of encorageme: We’re all sinners in need of a Savior. Let His death be the payment or pay for it yourself forever in the place the Bible calls hell. — Jeff Worthington, North Carolina Thanks to people like you our kids live in a toilet. But hopefully America will grab it’s Christian roots and make a comeback. — Mike Bambino, Grand Junction, Colo.


Libtards: Libtards, get a better cause. — Eric Armstrong, Ames, Iowa


Your Beliefs:  Why do you have special rights over anybody else? Nobody said you had to read that Bible in the drawer at your hotel room, just ignore it! I sure wish I could be there that day when you and other athiests are kneeling before the Lord and he asks “So, I don’t exist?” — Steve Bartlett, Westminister, Colo.


Christ the King: Jesus spoke to me on November 24, 2013, the Feast Day of Christ the King. He said, “I am Christ the King.” He hugged my heart 3 times and conveyed a message. He wanted everyone to know: He loves you. — E.J. Jorgensen, Wisconsin


Searcy ark: Searcy Ar does not belong to you and for you to tell us to remove a cross that is hurting no one is rude and heartless, it is hurting no one and whom ever the coward is in searcy that is having you to do there dirty work needs to either look away or confront the chief them selfs and stop asking someone from another state to do there work for them they have a mouth and if they cant use it then they need to get over it or Move. I have lived in searcy since i was 16 i am now 47. — Debbie cullum 


From Marilyn Solamito: Stop! What you are doing going after crosses on public land and complaining in schools about the separation of church and state. Get this straight! The US is based on the bible and you are not going to destroy that in our country. I am watching your organization and I will start the public against you. Remember my name because bring it on! — Marilyn Solamito


GODWINS: YHWH whom you do not believe in is going to kick ass very very soon and one day when you wake up to the fact that your dead in trespasses and SIN, well, enjoy the fire that burns forever knowing that you can never escape the thought of refusing to acknowledging Him. Sorry, I never KNEW YOU, HE WILL SAY TO YOU. OUCH, THAT’S GOTTA HURT! — [email protected]


Lol: Evolution is wrong and there is more evidence proving that there is a god than not. My god left me his signs everywhere. Why is there such order? Boom? No. Intelligent design. Watch lee stroble “case for christ. — Derek Fredin


Help: Hi, do you really believe that you evolved from an ape? Do really believe this awesome universe and all living creatures came from the big bang? I’m here to tell you that Hell is a place you don’t want to be. — Chad Heistand


Leave searcy alone: This is a christain based college town. If you took a vote 90% in our town would say let the cross stay. Sorry your living in sin but, stop picking on stupid pitty stuff. All business are coming together and putting crosses all cross town so you lose. — Angel Mosley, Arkansas


work: You people need to get a job! — Kate Trost, Carrollton, Ill.


Sorry: My son was a student at Four Oaks Elementary school and was told he could not pray at the lunch table to ask for God to bless his food. If people choose not to believe in God and want to go to hell when they die then that is there discision but they are not going to drag my family with them. We home school now. — Matthew Wiggs, Clayton, N.C.




mind your own Business and we’ll do the same: I think you guys should mind your own bussiness or attack something like pornography. just maybe that little cross in their yard or that cross at some office building is their last hope and you know what people would stup to they have no hope homicidal or suicidal tendacies do the next you see that small cross in a yard stop and think i might be stomping on domeones last little bit of hope. — Brandon Partin, Iuka, Illinois


FYI: I respect my dog more then people like you. — Julian Davis


clergy: The clergy of today,[pope’s, minister’s, reverend’s, doctor’s of divinity, pastor’s, rabbi’s, etc.] comes from the clergy of 2000 year’s ago, [pharisse’s, sadducee’s, scribe’s, and nazarite’s]. They honor HIM with their lip’s, but their heart’s are far from HIM , because their heart’s are in their paycheck’s. — Steven Gossum, Calvert City, Kentucky

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