Sharing the Crankmail

This crank mail, printed as received, is dedicated to the ones they love to hate:


Separation of synagouge from State: You are a Christ-murderer or the tool thereof- Deicidists: Jews guilty of Christ-denial! — Matt Wykoff, Austin, Texas

religion: if you and your people hate religion then maybe you people should move to russia,also i dont hear any of you cowards say anything about the islam faith,why is that,i have put up a manger every and cross everyyear and will continue to and you people can complain as much as you want.
conservative ln Buffalo

Hate Crimes: So you are all a bunch of atheists, ey? Well, that does not bode well for your afterlife. Why must you continue to perpetrate hate crimes against America and people of faith? Shame, shame shame. Just think, after you’ve toiled your whole life attempting to kill faith and religion, thinking that you will simply close your eyes and slip off into nothing, only to open your eyes in eternal damnation and judgement. — Noneya Bidness, “1600 Pennsylannia Ave.”

X-Rated Book: I saw on the news today that the FFRF was going to distribute an article called “An X-Rated Book: Sex & Obscenity in the Bible”. I am a follower of Jesus Christ and want to air my objection to this. I respect your freedom of choice. I simply want to stand and say this is WRONG! Please do NOT release this to children. — Thanks, Kacy.

Shut up! I watched you on oreilly and you sound like a complete pompous ass regurgitating info you learned from an idiot liberal professor in college. Watching you made me want to hit you over the head with the same bible you want to do away with. You obviously hate what America is based on just like our president. I wish people like you would leave this country you incredible jerk.
Cory Rosenberg

freedom: Hello,I saw your sagment on the news about the bible at the inaguration. I dont have a strong religious belief but cant believe what you are trying to do is serious,if you really wanted free of religion you would be going after the practice of the kosher lable on food that we all pay for includeing you everytime you or anyone else buys food or other things with the kosher lable on them. — bob d

Atheist: It is partly because of people like you, that such things as Columbine, Sandy Hook, etc. happen. When you or one of your parents,wife,children, or friends,come down with a terrible disease such as incurable cancer, I hope you have enough sense or remorse to ask, for Gods forgiveness, and mislead thinking, such as what you just exhibited on Bill O’Reilly! — D.Whiteley, Chief of Police, Poplar Bluff, Mo.

Suck: Removing the bible from the inauguration, Andrew? Thanks! I am waiting for you down here! — Satan (signed by Bill Covault)


What do you stand for? I just saw your “spokesperson” on The O’Reily Factor. As a REAL American, all of us know what you clearly stand for. Pure evil. I pray for everyone involved in your organization. Poor slobs. — David Farmer

— Thomas Greene

YOU: Youi folks are a disgrace to Americans!!! I understand you’re in Wisconsin.. Please.. STAY YOUR ASS THERE.. NO ONE IN AMERICA wants you ..cept maybe for that fool of a man that has the silly GOP show on TV. You’re sorry ass people…. and do not deserve to live in ourcountry! — Bruce Oliver, South Carolina

Lawsuits against God: You people are the ones ruining this country. Before you had God taken out of schools, you never heard of shootings in schools. Now the devil is running wild in schools. I guess we all know where your going when you die. — Marion Tierney

You all are the biggest pieces of shit on the earth. You are violating the peoples constitutional right by denying them inspirational figures. I would not be suprised if your group was pushing for a new world order to usher in your own agenda with one of your satan worshipers at the head. — Joe Mullins

God can not be mocked! Remember, you are just a speck of dirt standing on a speck of dirt spinning in vastness of the Almighty’s creation! Be careful, be very, very careful! — Roger Kobleske, Wisconsin

— Kram Ufflernot-REAL “free thinker”.

You: You are in violation of God’s Word. Repent so you don’t burn in hell forever. Your Idiots! People should have the right to pray and if the majority of the people want to pray before a meeting then it should be the majority that decides! Not you and your Attorneys! Stay out of South Dakota cause we do not want ya! — Brice Molitor

Quincy CA.: Piss Off Don’t Mess with Quincy, Ca. — Rick Drudge, California

Stay Away: How about you mind your own business and stay out of Rapid City business. I invite you to knock on my door and we can talk about my views and your views. People like you make me sick. Idiots. 

You people make me sick-it is because of organizations like yourselves that people have become cattle. — Terry Cook

Bible Belt: Why cant you all just leave us all alone in the south we are nothing but good god fearing hard working people and some jack asses like ya’ll have to come down here and mess with us. First you target Soddy Daisy, Then Ridgeland, Then the university of chattanooga,and now lakeview middle you all nee to get off the power trip.
— Joseph Brown, Chickamauga, Georgia

Portrait Of Jesus in Ohio School: Please put down your crack pipes. A portrait of a person hanging on a wall is in no way advertising a religion or anything else. It’s just a picture of someone admired by many.  Get over yourselves and find a worthwhile cause like banning Gays or something! — John Dick

other: I am a college student in Dalton, GA and I feel as if this subject of the teacher singing religious songs to her students hits very close to home for me. I was raised in a very christian home, and I had a teacher that was teaching evolution, i refused to study it, and i recieved the grade of “F”. Why is it that those who are afraid if the truth of the Everlasting, Almighty God can get away with pushing thier incoreect beliefs on the public, but when a CHRISTIAN, yes, I said it, CHRISTIAN, even brings up religion and faith, we are shushed?
— Erin Hooks, Dalton, Georgia

Drop Lawsuit To Remove Jesus Portrait: I thought I was in the Twilight Zone when I saw that you had filed a lawsuit on behalf of 1 ‘unidentified’ student that the Jesus portrait unconstitutionally promotes religion, even though it’s been on those walls since around 1947. Why don’t you quit doing Satan’s work? — Mark Peterson, Grand Forks, N.D.

Idiots: There’s a great book out that scientifically proves creation and disproves, scientifically, evolution. It’s titled “Evolution, A Fairytale for Grownups.” You jerks should read it. — Charles U. Farley, California

opinions: When I was 9 I onfessed Jesus the Christ as Lord. When I was 14 God gave me a vision of the Lord Jesus the Christ seated on his throne with a gold sceptor, veiled in a cloud, yet the shape was without any doubt that of our King Jesus the Christ. The Lord Jesus the Christ is my very best friend. I am 64 now & all that God has revealed to me is as fresh in my mind as though it happened last week. — Sherry Burdette, Evansville, Indiana

Please Stop Harrassing Public Schools: As a Veteran of the US Navy, I have served my country which is founded on the strong belief in GOD. I hereby request that you stop forcing me Home state of Ohio to bow down you and stop honoring Jesus Christ our Lord and Savior. I find it very hard to support a group who use the freedoms I have guaranteed them to oppress your fellow man. — Respectfully, Glenn Gerber DCFN USN, Cape Coral, Florida

I’m Sorry: This is the saddest site I have ever seen – you have every reason to be sad though. No hope. — J Raleigh, Oregon

Portriat: I think you athiest should move to hell, and leave the Jesus picture where it is. If you dislike it so much Take your ass somewhere else. — —J.C., Anytown, Montana

Lawsuit in Jackson Ohio: Am I overly religious no. But I believe and my life is not without virtue or morales. Yeah I know you have heard it before and don’t care about anyone’s rights or opinions but your own. — Debra Plybon, Argillite, Ky.

To whom it applies: I want to voice my disgust about the Freedom From Religion Foundation going on witch hunts all over the nation trying to take crosses and other religious pictures and items down on public lands and schools all in the name of “Separation Of Church and State.” Shame on you! Our country (the USA) has been around for 237 years. Many of the Founding Fathers were religious and it didn’t destroy the country. Yes the Founding Fathers didn’t want a particular religion to be favored in Government. They wanted religion to make its own way. But neither did they intend for irreligion to be made into a state church. I have remained silent before. But your organization has awoken the sleeping giant in me and I must express my displeasure about your organization.
— Brian Williams

Freedom From Religion Foundation