My Sickening Things

(To the tune of “My Favorite Things”)

Muslims kill Jews and the Jews murder Muslims,

Sunnis kill Shiites, then die by the dozens,

Christian explosions make Irish ears ring:

These are a few of my sickening things . . .


“On, Christian Soldiers!” defies “Allah Akbar!”

Pork rinds are banned from a Syrian snack bar.

Our sirens shrieking while their rockets zing:

These are a few of my sickening things . . .


Hindu kills Buddhist, and Buddhist kills Hindu,

Neither will reconcile, for it’s a sin to.

Infidels tortured and sent to the grave:

Faith all that sickening’s simply depraved . . .


When they’re praying

And they’re saying

That the heretics must die,

Then I remember I’m not one of them,

And I know I’m a lucky guy.


© Philip Appleman

Freethought Today is honored to publish this new poem. 

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