They Said What?

She immediately sought the assistance of the military chaplain. When Sgt. Havrilla met with the military chaplain, he told her that “It must have been God’s will for her to be raped” and recommended that she attend church more frequently.

From a lawsuit filed in Virginia by Sgt. Rebekah Havrilla and 16 other U.S. troops who allege the Pentagon failed to protect them from sexual assault
Raw Story, 2-18-11

The Q&A was the most fun, with a number of angry atheistic evolutionists, who became so emotional it was fun maintaining order. As I shared during the outbursts, it reminded me of my zookeeping days when I had to go out into the wolves’ and hyenas’ enclosure and chase them into the right den with a stick.
Creationist lecturer Sid Galloway, Facebook post after he spoke at Louisiana State University
LSU Reveille, 2-20-11

You realize that there’s a danger when you start believing that some stuff in the bible’s not true, because then we might start believing that Jesus is not true.
U.S. Navy Cmdr. John Price, questioning Ensign Michael Izbicki at a hearing to decide whether to discharge Izbicki, a Naval Academy graduate, as a conscientious objector
New York Times, 2-23-11

His taking holy communion is objectively sacrilegious. If he approaches for holy communion, he should be denied the august sacrament.
Edward Peters, consultant to the Vatican’s Apostolic Signatura tribunal, recommending communion denial to New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo for living part time with Sandra Lee, a Food Network celebrity
New York Times, 2-22-11

Marriage is so foundational to society. We don’t just lay eggs and abandon them. Our children need to be raised by a mother and father. We’ve become so very confused in our understanding about sexuality that we can’t see what should be obvious.
Karen Wingard, Catholic Community of St. Francis Xavier, lobbying against a Maryland bill allowing same-sex marriage
Catholic Review, 2-22-11

Religious sectarian law includes Sharia Law, Canon Law, Halacha and Karma but does not include any law of the United States or the individual states based on Anglo‑American legal tradition and principles on which the United States was founded.
From an Arizona House bill outlawing courts from adopting Karma, etc., 2-25-11

If you are a pornstar, there is a bible for you. If you are a cowboy, there is a bible for you. If you are looking for style, then there is a bible purse hybrid for you.
Story in DePaul University’s student newspaper, “When Jesus Christ the superhero, cowboys and the bible unite
The DePaulia, 2-28-11

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