Sharing the Crank Mail

Below is a sampling of recent Crank Mail received by FFRF, printed as received.

Giles County Removal of the
Ten Commandments
Why dont you idiots find something better to do with your time then cutting GOD out of the country. IN GOD WE TRUST!!!!!! GET OVER IT YOU FREAKS!!!!!!! — Susan Smith, Gospel Drive, Virginia

The 10 Commandments in
Giles County Schools
Why don’t you dumb asses mind your own business. Always someone trying to change things that have been existing for years and years. I guess wanna be’s want attention. Oh I just noticed you all are located “UP NORTH”. That says alot. Why don’t you Yankees keep your noses where they belong! If students don’t want to look at the 10 Commandments that are posted on the wall–THEY DON’T HAVE TO!!!!!! Keep you stinking asses and big noses up north where they belong!!!!!!!! — Madeline Hill, Virginia

Giles County, Virginia
I imagine you might find it a victory that your interference in a place you don’t live and know nothing about has resulted in the removal of God’s word from our schools, despite the expressed wishes of the local population. Your looming eternal damnation is no comfort to our citizens, but it is certainly reason for us to pray all the harder for your poor lost souls. We pray that with the Lord’s guidance, you will find a glimpse into how positive life can be before the remainder of your lives and talents are wasted. — Jesus Christ

Giles County Constitution in Schools
Why is it such a big deal to your organization that a small town in the middle of nowhere in Virgina CHOSE to put up the 10 commandments? It’s not like there is a hall monitor in the schools saying HEY LOOK AT THESE, BELIEVE THESE? It’s not an advertisement , it’s something that is CONSTITUTIONALLY CORRECT. How you can you say religion is unconstitutional when the constitution was written with biblical principles? BUTT OUT! — Andrea St. Clair

I find it quite ironic that your show is broadcast on God’s holy Sabbath day. — Julie Vulich

Giles County 10 Commandments
Dear, freedom from religion….if this is your name. I believe that the 10 commandments should stay in schools and these atheist or the seperations of church and state are ingornant. The Preachers, Christians, and all of us who believe the 10 Commandments should stay up are believing God will help us through and God says in his word (The Holy Bible if you do not know what I am talking about) — Troy P

FFFR Organization       
As one of those 200 or more who attended the [Giles County, Va.] school board meetings and objected to the removal of the Ten Commandments from our school walls, I have been watching closely how the devil has dealt with your organization. I hope the Lord will bless my heart with the grace to pray for you and your followers. Right now I am finding it hard. I think most of the school board members are God fearing-serving-obedient believers. They tried to honor the wishes of the majority and it is a shame that 2 or 3 can impose their will on 200. I hope your organization is faced with a similar situation soon. — Betty S. Williams

You idiots
I am sick and tired of you idiots trying to block my God, its you people that are bringing Gods wrath down on this country you have lit a fire under my ass to do everything i can to bring you down. It time the rest of this country start knocking heads seems to be the only way you idiots are gonna shut up. Oh yea cant wait to see your face when you meet God will be there and you will have condemed yourself with your own words. Sick of your crap and not gonna take it anymore Bikers against the ffrf — Jerry Leary, Indiana

enjoy your meaningless lives!
without men who were willing to die for their God, your pathetic little organization wouldn’t even exist.  maybe if you didn’t threaten to sue everyone who believes in God i wouldn’t be so “aggressive”. LOL hugs and kisses! — dave smith, [email protected], illinois
[Note: This crank earlier called FFRF several times to harass two young staff members before one told him to “stop being so aggressive.”]

keep your noses in your own back yard
don’t you have any thing better to do than stick your nose where it doesn’t belong.I was born and raised a catholic. and there is only one god no matter what you dumb asses think or say. Keep your thoughts and bullshit in your own city not any place else. People like you give any religion believes a bad name. get your heads out of your asses and smell the coffee and see the reality in this screwed up world. — joe blow, Wisconsin

Dear Free thought haters,
I find what you are doing (like in Marshfield WI) limits freedom of speech and thought. I am turned off by any group that seek these type of power plays. This type of colonialism of coming in a forcing your world-view and thought on other as if it is the only one is quite self centered and narrow to our pluralistic culture. It only shows me how week your world-view must be that you need to silence others in order to be heard. — Brad Eidsen

prayer in Connersville, Indiana
Our City Council received a letter stating that we had to cease having a prayer in the meetings. Why don’t you keep your nose out of our business. This is Bible belt country and we want to keep it that way. Your group is acting like a God by trying to dictate to us what to do. Most of us here are God fearing people and don’t need some goofy group to tell us what to do. Law or no law. — linda frye

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