Denver Billboard Grabs Spotlight

Foundation Lifetime Member Monty Cleworth stands next to the Foundation’s billboard in downtown Denver. The message, six blocks from the Capitol on West 14th Avenue and Fox Street, will stay up through July, when a new “keep religion out of politics” message timed for the Democratic National Convention in August will replace it. Monty is one of the donors who helped place the billboard.

“We want the public to reflect on the billboard’s message and imagine a world without the rancor and divisiveness of 2,000 different religions,” says Robert R. Tiernan, the Foundation’s Denver attorney, who is currently taking a Foundation lawsuit challenging promotion of religion in the Cherry Creek School District, Denver.

Local Foundation member Mike Smith of Denver, who did much of the legwork to post the billboard, comments: “Imagine if the government would be neutral and let individuals reach their own conclusions about religion. 


“A Different Sign from Above”

Standing by the newly-erected billboard in downtown Denver, a few blocks from the state capitol, are: Foundation members Jack Basart, Mike Smith, Joe Thomas Hazell, Jessica Bertram, Julie Wells, Robert R. Tiernan, and Miriam Basart. The Denver Daily News headlined its story about the FFRF billboard, “A Diffferent Sign from Above.”

FFRF sends warm thanks to Mike for his initiative and for doing the legwork in securing the excellent location, Bob Tiernanand Life Member Monty Cleworth.

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