“Losing Faith in Faith” Reissued in Hardback

Losing Faith in Faith, which relates Foundation co-president Dan Barker’s experience of deconverting from preacher to atheist, has just been newly reissued as a hardback book (June 2006).

Losing Faith in Faith, which has been in print as a paperback since 1992, comes with an updated dust jacket. The good news is that the price, $20 ppd member price, $25 ppd non-member price, remains the same!

Following his calling” at age 15, Dan worked as a missionary, ordained minister, associate pastor, touring evangelist, Christian songwriter and performer. After preaching for 19 years, Barker just “lost faith in faith.” Throwing out the bath water, he discovered: “There is no baby there!”

Today Dan, co-president of the Freedom From Religion Foundation, frequently represents freethought on the talk-show circuit and at personal appearances, concerts and debates.

In Losing Faith in Faith,Dan explains why he left the ministry. He offers a compelling, definitive analysis of why he rejects belief in a god and the claims of religion. He explores the fallacies, inconsistencies, and harm of Christian doctrine and theistic dogma. In its place, he issues an appealing and compassionate invocation of freethought, reason and humanism. Losing Faith in Faith is both a challenge to believers and an arsenal for skeptics.

Readers with well-thumbed copies may wish to upgrade to the hardback version or give it as a gift.

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