Here is your June/July installment of some of the correspondence FFRF receives on the negative end of the spectrum. These come to you as received, unedited.

Leave school kids alone: I am so sick of you and your group going after school kids who have beliefs. You just can’t stand the fact that maybe they possess enlightenment that you cannot understand. Leave school children alone. The ones who believe in God are not the ones shooting up the school, causing problems in school or trying to treat others like their are stupid, if they don’t believe. Like you do. — Brenda A.

Who you are: Please explain to me who you think you are, from what I gather you are people of fear.Bitching and complaining about The Ten Commandments and bible verses on Police cars is not something for your kind to fear or anyone else to fear. Displays of these things do not promote a religion. You are promoting hate, and violence towards those who believe in something. Your organization needs to rethink its stand and back off. If you dont like something dont look at it but dont be afraid of words…. What are you people thinking????????????????? — Mel M.

Why: Who are you to go and bully people and tell them what they can and cannot put on their police vehicles and things?!? Leave us Christians alone. We will stand up for what is right and living for Jesus Christ is right and always will be right. What we do down here in the state of Virginia is none of your concern!! You stay in your state wit h your false gods and we’ll stay here in Virginia with our ONE TRUE GOD!! Too bad the question about how people learn about FFRF doesn’t have because y’all are idiots because I sure would have checked that one!! – Karen K.

Satan: Don’t they the right to do stuff just like you and your “kind”???? Don’t you see how foolish you are????? — JP P.

I’m Catholic: Bite me. — John B.

idiots: If someone does something that you disapprove, it is not a violation of rights. The only ones that violate a persons righys are you because of your hatred of religious. Why don’t you grow up and go away — Edward J. B.

Papal audience: Find something to believe in and live for that is a positive.instead of bewailing and spending time over Some one you believe doesn’t exist!!! Ever hear of paschals wager? Please check it out! — Donna D.

Sick of liars: You people are such huge liars that you are sick. What small minded and dishonest bigots you are. AND….. you are ANTI-American and ANTI-constitutional. You are just atheistic ISIS. You want people forced to believe what you think. — Philip C.

Vatican visit: Guess you folks don’t have a clear understanding of the Constitution in regard to religion. — Catherine G.

Crossing the line: Remember, what goes around comes around and Karma dictates that it will soon be your turn in the barrel. If you don’t fear bad Karma then you are dumber than a rock. — Frank P.

Get over yourselves: God and the Pop are more important and so far above you it’s beyond belief. — Paul K.

God bless cops: Next time you fuckers need a cop,I hope he doesn’t show…Your all a piece of Shit.God Bless America and cops…Go fuck yourself — Robert M.

John: You guys say that you are athiests but then give support to satanic groups becouse of there actions against christianity. You guys are hypocrites. They are alsoa religious group becouse they praise christians Num 1 enemy, lucifer. your propagabda is so sad. the things you write are so subjective. there si no autonomy and you are mostly against christians then other religions. What about hinduisim, the jewish religion, budisim etc. — John P.

Why?: If you don’t believe in God (which we know that is not true because the Bible makes explicitly clear that every person believes in God, Romans 1) but since you like to pretend you don’t believe. Why would you be committed to stopping religion. If its not true then why bother. The very fact that you fight against religion is evidence of your belief. You know the God of the Holy Bible is real. Please repent of your sin and turn to Jesus Christ. — Daniel V.

It’s real: HELL exists and is filled with atheists!!!!! — Debbie C.

ISIS Decapitation: My prayer to the Lord Jesus Christ is for Him to get His to commission ISIS to go to Madison Wisconsin and behead leaders of the FFRF and their patsy attorneys. — Sal B.

You: You people had better mind you own business. Atheism is not a religion. The Presidents order is for religious groups who are tax exempt. If your looking for trouble it will find you. — Dan T.

First Amendment: It is amazing how many people do not understand the 1st Amendment, or reinterpret it, for their own purposes. Such is the case with your organization and followers. The 1st Amendment’s language is very clear and simple to understand and comply with. Our Founding Fathers used those particular words so that even the poorly uneducated could fully understand the meaning of the 1st freedoms. It is really a shame you all don’t get it!!!! I will never trust men to rule over my conscious!! — Joe B.

Jesus is Lord!: I don’t understand why your group hates our living creator and Lord, Jesus Christ. Why are you so hellbent on destroying our nation’s Christian heritage? I think the American people spoke this last November when Donald J Trump was elected president. They are tired of folks like destroying America and persecuting Christians. With God’s help and that of our new real President, God is coming back to America to reverse the damage of the militant secularists and homosexuals. I pray that you release Satin and come to God’s grace and mercy. — James C.

YOU ARE IN ERROR: There are no contradictions within the Holy Bible. You err because you do not know the Scripture. — David M.

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