Sharing the crank mail

Here’s another installment of the sampling of the mail we get at FFRF from some of our critics. All are printed as received.

Question: hi, i was wondering why, if there is no god, the world seems to be on the way to fulfilling the bibles prophesies. (i.e. one world government, the beast, etc,) what i’m mainly concerned about is not getting the mark of the beast. — Joe Makowski, Ohio

It’s Only The Beginning: Fkd-up-asshole? Obama and his fkd-up asshole? “justice” department forcing the North Carolina governor (and every federally-funded university, college, school, even tax-exempt church, synagogue, mosque, and all other IRS-monitored non-profit businesses across America) to let so-called “transgendered transsexual” males sneak or barge into female restrooms, changing rooms, and open-shower locker rooms to molest, rape, then dismember terrified little girls might only be the beginning. Wait until they demand such perverts invade private residences all across the United States to do the same thing, imposing the tyrannical excuse of “non-discrimination” for “civil” “rights.” — Delbert Frank

Freedom from atheists: You will be happier in Siberia — Liv, Nevada

East Liverpool High School: I recently read in our local paper about the FFRF threatening ELHS to remove the Lord’s Prayer from graduation. I was part of the 2013 graduating class from ELHS, and I don’t think that it is right for you people to dictate what the students can or cannot sing. I think that you need to butt-out, and leave it up to the students. This has not been an issue before. Mind your own business, no one is being hurt! I understand that it is a public school, and the school cannot force the students to participate. However, as a matter of fact, it is AGAINST The Constitution to prevent students from choosing to sing the song, and I dearly hope that they will choose to sing it any how. — Michael Trew, Ohio

You disgust me: I’m watching my local news in Jacksonville and see where you have decided to push back against Duval County Schools for allowing prayer at functions that involve the school system. You should mind your own liberal business in Wisconsin and stay out of my city. The paper you print your threats on should be red, the color of Hell because that’s where you’re going if you keep this type of nonsense up. This Country was founded on the principles of God, Faith in God and Country. If you don’t like it then leave. Canada is just up the road, I suggest you start there.
— Ryan Pahlow, Florida

Despicable!: You people are nothing but a hate group. Your actions speak loudly on that fact. Why the heck do you go out and actively seek to bother people who don’t bother you? You’re not intellectuals or even intelligent in the basic sense for that matter. An intellectual is above attacking people, their faith and things that don’t hurt anyone. Hatred exactly the same as the KKK or New Black Panthers.
— James Cook

Genoa High school: I just want you to know that you have awaken the sleeping giant in our community for those of us who believe in the cause of Christ. You KNOW that the constitution was not created to literally separate the government from the church but it was created to protect the church from the government AND ANYTHING THAT WOULDS SUPPRESS FREEDOM OF RELIGION. And you if you don’t know this then you need to read your history books again as to why this Country was founded. You may try and remove everything that speaks to the cause of Christ in this Nation, but you cannot remove it from the hearts of people in this world. He has already won that victory. I do not believe that anyone in your organization finds hope or peace in your “freethinking” philosophy. That kind of peace and hope comes from Jesus Christ alone. — Shirley Braatz

Banning religious music: Having “Religious” Music banned from graduation is going against The Lord, who CREATED you for HIS purpose. If you don’t like him, keep it to yourself. Religious music does not promote religion, it promotes a relationship with Jesus Christ, therefore Christianity is not a religion it’s a founding faith in Jesus Christ, having a close relationship to him has lord and savior of your life. I am so disappointed in cults and antichrists trying to break that belief I believe in down. How dare you. That is blasphemy!!!! My heart breaks for you. Why would you want to bring down the creator of the universe who loves you doing that???? Huh? I’m so highly upset the way this world is turning into. If you would only think about his sacrifice for us, before banning that, you would realize how wrong you are and how right I am. It hurts me to see this kind of behavior! — Joshua Richardson

Constitution: I find it funny you claim to take people to court, public, when you are a minority, I will not only donate to lawyers to stop you but the 1st ammendment gaurentees me freedom of religion not from. You must stop stupid stuff,look at how we were founded And the seperation of church and state is not in the constutition — Matt Roberts

Idiots: You are all idiots taking God out of the school system. That’s what’s wrong with America! — Jason Carboni

Your agenda: I’ve read a lot of news lately about your group writing to places all over the world demanding the removal of Religious themes. This angers me intensely. Why do you insist on doing Lucifer’s work? Do you really think Lucifer can be trusted? Do you really believe if you follow Lucifer’s will, you will be rewarded in this life or the next? Millions have been duped by Lucifer and your group is one of them. Sadly, there isn’t a Freedom from People with Low IQ’s foundation, then people could just worship God freely without being worried about upsetting some atheists feelings. Oxymoron if I ever heard one. An atheist with feelings? yea, it’ doesnt sound right, does it. — Jim James

port neches: dont know how yall think u won in port neches tx.basically the city bitch slapped yall in the face cause now the cross will be a permanent fixture in port neches park.yall need to go where ppl want yall we dont want yall down here — Paul Marshall, Texas

Please forward this to your attorney: You do not have a say on private property or in cemeteries. Cemeteries is considered private property by law nationwide. I will tell all local, national and worldwide media to ignore your want for media attention and do not broadcast about your org or your agenda. We can sue you for discriminating against Christians. That would hold in court nationwide. — Mike Palmer

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