Sharing the Crank Mail

Neither sunlight nor gloom of night stays the crank mailers from the swift completion of their appointed screeds, printed as received.

freedom: yel yor foundation is a bruch of shit you won”t even talk to someone with about you foundation you hang up if you dont want to tell the trueth it a joke every one of you should be shot for a lie you tell. — mike wells, liberty, kentucky

I saw you’re commercial: I am appalled you’re an atheist,I love Jesus,am on Twitter,Facebook got a few messages here they go!Jesus loves you!The Devil steals,kills,and destroy!He’s defeated. — Kimberly Ferguson

ridiculous! Why dont you just give up your citizenship and join another country, because noone really wants you here. Get a REAL job and a REAL life like everybody else. Maybe that is just how stupid atheist are that they would actually send money to you! — Nancy Johnson

Freedom of religion: We do not go to your houses and tell you how to pray or not to pray so if you are offended you can just excuse yourself from the circle for a few minutes then return. WE ARE TH MAJORITY AND THE MAJORITY RULES! — Sammy Silly, Salt Lake City

Anonymous: Your organizations is absolutely rediculous and should not be in exist. Your countries constitution (u.s.a.) which allows you freedoms that you and your organization probably take for granted are founded on christian values. You are all lost in life and need serious help. I will be praying for your obsurd “beliefs” in “nothing”. Thanks — Trent Heisler

Clown: Keep your non beliefs to your self. — Bozo D, Michigan

The Devil: I would like to know how a person can say they’re not afraid of goin to hell and they obviously have never been there. ONE DAY,,”EVERY KNEE SHALL BOW & EVERY TOUNGE CONFESS”! — Rodney King, Corinth, Miss.

Don’t worry about the Lambs: You good folks better start worrying about the real problem. Separation of Mosque and State. Most Christians are tax payers and support most anything that is good..even schools that indoctrinate their children to science with philosophical rhetoric to fill voids are that obvious. So, focus on the real problem, and not fanciful idea that some professor with degree’s can explain the complexity of life. — Jack Matson Jacoby

Do you people treat Muslims the same way you treat Christians with your complaints? I guess not, because Muslims might actually show up and mame or kill you, right? Honestly, I wish great bodily harm and death would somehow befall you people. You well deserve a robust, full-throttled Muslim visitation. Good day. — James M. Baker, Indianapolis
Please help! Your going to hell unless you accept the sacrifice of our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ. Go ahead, smirk and think you have nothing to worry about. — Gohen Tohell, Liberty, Rhode Island

Contact: You a trash orginisation that needs to be dissolved. GOD bless America. — GH

Freedom From Religion Foundation