FreeThought Music available online – Steve Brecker

I’m an FFRF member in Virginia and I’ve just launched a new venture that I want to share with other members. I am calling my project FreeThought Music.

There are hundreds of radio stations in the marketplace catering to religious talk and music programming but few outlets where freethinkers can enjoy music with freethought messages.

FreeThought Music is an Internet radio station that streams a wide selection of musical styles, all of which promote freethought messages. It’s available 24/7 so you can listen  anywhere and anytime via your computer, tablet or smartphone.

To visit, go to

You may need to register for the free membership to Live365 in order to access my station. But you do not need to sign up for the trial VIP membership. Just complete and submit the free registration and log in with your user name and password. (The  benefit of VIP membership is that you don’t get interrupted by commercials.)

FreeThought Music’s playlist currently includes 40 selections. I’m looking to grow it with as much musical diversity as possible.  All musical styles are programmed, including classical, jazz, country, rock, pop, folk and Broadway musicals. It’s a veritable cornucopia of freethought musical expression!

I realize that due to the broad selection, some people may not like some of what they hear. Some people don’t enjoy heavy metal rockand others don’t like jazz. But I’m betting that most freethinkers are also open-minded enough to stay tuned to find music they do enjoy and selections that may grow to like.

Here’s a partial sampling of artists so far: Bad Religion, Crosby Stills & Nash, Dan Barker, Dave Matthews, Ella Fitzgerald, Frank Zappa, Jimmy Buffett, John Lennon, Motorhead, Tim Minchin, Randy Newman, Red Hot Chili Peppers, Steve Martin, Shelley Segal, Tool, XTC, Ziggy Marley and Roy Zimmerman.

All of the music programmed is available for purchase via download or CD purchase through a link to Click on the track listing in the “Last Played” window that you wish to purchase.

Most of the music can also be purchased through Amazon via another site I’m building, This site is still under construction but is functional and purchases can be made.

I welcome all comments and suggestions for music selections to add. Thanks!

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