Sybil’s Big Adventure


Sybil F. Smith, Foundation Lifetime Member and 69-year-old grandmother writes:

“This is a story of my Sunday morning adventure.

“FFRF had a ‘Beware of Dogma’ billboard in Little Rock for only a month. The billboard is high on a bridge, and the bridge pedestrian sidewalk is across from the sign. There are two 3-foot-tall concrete barriers between the sidewalk and the billboard. There is a trolley track under the billboard with a ‘No Pedestrians’ sign.

The weather was 50, misty and windy.

“Due to health and weather I had not been able to attend the scheduled group photo (see page 9). But, I really wanted my picture taken with it to show to friends and family and for a treasured keepsake. LeeWood Thomas from our freethinkers group offered to help me. Pictures taken from the sidewalk side were OK, but we needed to get closer to the billboard. We had to watch for the trolley car, walk in a no pedestrian area, dodge traffic and run across the 4-lane traffic bridge, climb the two, 3-foot ‘pony’ barriers to get my pics taken. Here’s the proof!

“Thanks to FFRF for sharing the magnificiant billboard and to LeeWood for the fun adventure.”

Freedom From Religion Foundation