In Their Own Words

He was dividing God’s land, and I would say, Woe unto any prime minister of Israel who takes a similar course to appease the [European Union], the United Nations or the United States of America.” [Calling Israeli Prime Minister Ariel Sharon’s stroke divine punishment for “dividing God’s land.”]

Rev. Pat Robertson
“700 Club” TV Show

Jan. 5, 2006

I suffer for these losses [3,000 murders of Chilean civilians during his military government], but God does the deeds; he will pardon me if I exceeded in some, which I don’t think.

Augusto Pinochet
Former Chilean dictator

The Guardian, Nov. 17, 2005

This clearly demonstrates that the Bush administration has suffered a loss of will and that they have capitulated to the worst elements in our culture. [For sending out greeting cards with a bible verse saying “holiday season” instead of “Christmas.”]

William A. Donohue, president
Catholic League for Religious & Civil Rights

Washington Post, Dec. 7, 2005

Thank God for dead soldiers. Thank God for IEDs [improvised explosive devices, because they are God’s revenge for the U.S. acceptance of homosexuality].

Rev. Fred Phelps
Picketing at soldier funerals

Milwaukee Journal/Sentinel, Jan. 7, 2006

It cannot stop what God has preordained. It is impossible. [Re: 363+ deaths in stampede by pilgrims during hajj in Mecca.]

Crown Prince Sultan Bin Abdel Aziz
Associated Press, Jan. 13, 2006

Freedom From Religion Foundation