Creation’ Highlights Darwin’s Nonbelief

“Creation,” a feature film in part highlighting Charles Darwin’s loss of faith, debuted Jan. 22 in the United States.

The film, directed by Jon Amiel, focuses on Darwin’s inner struggle in deciding to publish On the Origin of Species and his grief and gradual loss of faith after the death of his daughter, Annie, at age 10. The film is based on the book, Annie’s Box, by Randall Keynes, Darwin’s great-great grandson.

Actor Paul Bettany portrays Darwin. His real-life wife, actress Jennifer Connelly, plays Darwin’s beloved but pious wife, Emma.

Bettany told (Jan. 21, 2010): “I couldn’t believe the amount of violence that you can find on the Internet directed at a man who’s been dead for a very long time. There’s vicious diatribes full of hatred for Darwin. Actually, he was, by all accounts, one of the sweetest human beings you can possibly imagine. But there are still a lot of people who just can’t accept his thinking without getting irrational. He was an atheist and so am I, but I don’t think that makes me immoral.”

U.S. distributors initially shunned the film. Don’t miss it!

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