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FFRF continues to fight for everyone’s constitutional rights

Your membership in the Freedom From Religion Foundation gives us the opportunity to fight for you and all Americans when it comes to keeping state and church separate, as the Establishment Clause of the U.S. Constitution guarantees.

Since our last issue of Freethought Today, FFRF has been on the winning side of dozens of complaints against public entities that mingle religion with their business.

On page 5 of this issue is a recap of FFRF’s 2016 legal battles, which includes more than 260 victories coming out of 1,073 complaints. We also highlight the four lawsuits FFRF won in 2016 and list the eight lawsuits that are currently filed.

On pages 10 and 11 of this issue we detail the 26 legal victories we’ve won since our last issue of the paper was published. Those victories came in 18 different states, showing that our reach is truly nationwide and that violations can occur anywhere.

FFRF’s legal department includes Managing Staff Attorney Rebecca Markert, Staff Attorneys Patrick Elliott, Andrew Seidel, Sam Grover, Elizabeth Cavell, Legal Fellows Madeline Ziegler and Ryan Jayne, Legal Intake Clerk Seth Wrinkle and Legal Assistant Whitney Steffen.

If you see a violation of the separation of state and church, contact FFRF at

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