Freethought Today has a new look

FFRF has updated and redesigned much of Freethought

Today, as you can see by this month’s issue.

This is the first true redesign since the newspaper debuted in September 1983, but it’s entirely a visual change. All of the content you have come to expect from Freethought Today will still be included. “We feel the redesign gives the paper a modern, crisp look that emphasizes readability,” says Editor PJ Slinger.

The newspaper redesign project was handled by FFRF’s graphic design team of Jake Swenson and Roger Daleiden.

Some of the specific changes:

• The most noticeable change is to our masthead at the top of the page. It now includes three small photos as part of the “teasers” for what’s inside the issue, which means the teaser box at the bottom of the page is no longer necessary.

• The headline fonts have gone from a serif font to a sans serif, which give the headlines a more dynamic look.

• There will be a color consistency that the paper previously lacked. We will be using a standard blue for section headers,
bylines and column names.

• Black Collar Crime, while still in the same font size, has been changed to a light face, which gives it more readability.

• One thing that we did not change was the text font. We decided to keep the Baskerville font (created by a freethinker!), which studies have shown is one of the easiest newsprint styles to read.

We hope you enjoy the changes!

Freedom From Religion Foundation