This issue we present a special post-holiday version of Crankmail. Yup, in December our “fans” were overloading our inbox with their love for us. (Warning: This edition is laced with profanity.) Here is just a fraction of the mail we received, submitted to you unedited.

Out of business: you people ARE going out of business in 2017. I belong to a group of over 8000 with a lot of financial muscle…enough to put you people on unemployment…stopping you dead in your tracks…taking out billboards across the country and ads forcing you people to back down…. Your business will CEASE and DESIST…or…it will CEASE to exist. Your move, Morons. — Jordan M.

your unbelief: don’t you DARE claim to defend The Constitution, because it was written by christians for christians. My reason for writing this? Your billboard which suggests its reasonable to believe that somehow there is no God, when its your beliefs that violate Newtonian physics, So stop it with all of this anti Christian nonsense. — Nick H.

Religion: i was curious to know if its easy for all of you guys to be such worthless pieces of shit or do you have to rpactice at it?not to worry though your day is coming soon.have a great day and dont forget to go and fuck yourself. — Harry K.

Wakulla: You’re a bunch of jerks and should be exorcised from society. The constitution does not say freedom from religion; it specifically states freedom of religion, regardless what the Supreme Court says, they should be free to practice prayer in public school. You’re total jerks! — Annis H.

Removal of nativity scene: Have you ever consulted with Clergy on your Attacks.. I am A Christian, I believe in the the word.. But no where in the good book did i read that the Nativity Scene was offensive.. it is the HOLIDAY season for \crying out loud.. You (your group) are right up there with the “Westboro Baptist Church” You are actually taking away from kids (and some Adults) about the Holiday and the Christmas Miracle.. A lot kids will ask Parents, Sunday School Teachers,, and in some schools (and Heaven Forbid.). School teachers… when they see this Scene.. IS that SO WRONG… I don’t think so — Sean U.

Letter to town of Blackston: This area is a rural area made up of small towns and villages – the greater number of us, even though we are divided by both politics and religion, try hard to get along with each other – Now your ‘organization’ wants to pressure these people into hiding their beliefs and symbols – isn’t that what hitler did to the jews — Stuart C.

Learn something: Your efforts to eradicate religion/Jesus from Christmas is laughable…Christmas should be, and is, EXCLUSIVE! Christ-mas—get it? If you want your own holiday, that’s fine–petition for a Freedom From Religion Day and gather around all those who would honor that occasion. Of course, you can’t give presents, for that would demonstrate love , which is a Christian basic. Can’t sing songs of joy and thanksgiving for you have no one to thank other than flawed humans like yourself who also don’t know who to thank. Can’t be charitable to others for that would smack of Christian caring and help. — Suzanne R.

Shut the fuck up: Leave us alone and stick to killing babies you America hating liberal fucks. — Steve J.

Douchebags: The reason why I’m sending this e-mail is because I HATE Atheists because they’ve done nothing but make religious people like me miserable. So far this Christmas season, I’ve heard the word Christmas very few times, and it’s all thanks to you people. Every single commercial I’ve seen about this time of year has said the word “Holiday” instead of Christmas. So Congratulations FFRF Sons of Bitches, you’re officially ruining the Christmas Season for me. I also blame Atheists all together. You people wanna know why Atheists are the least trusted group of people in America? Because you’re all so negative! All you people do is say truly horrible things about religion and religious people. Atheists are angry all the time. Have any of you watched the TV show called The Legend of Korra? In the 1st season, a man named Ammon who’s a non-bender forms a large anti-bending group called the Equalists, who want to rid the world of bending. Sounds familiar to what’s happening here, huh? I strongly suggest all members of the FFRF watch the 1st season of the Legend of Korra. — Jeremy M.

Agenda: How about leaving Christians alone and let them worship GOD as it was in the beginning of time ! Christianity came before atheism. — Kevin J.

You being assholes: I just sick and tired anyone against somebody elses praying in public you stick your fucking nose where it dont fucking belong. I fought for the right to pray and just the same as you cocksuckers to not want to pray you dont like dont watch.i would love to meet anyone involved with you and show how the fuck i really feel. I dont like your breathing the same air as i am.i want you to stop are you going to stop breathing. Fucking assholes. Why dont you go out and fight for what you believe would shit your pants the minute you heard your first shot.and im sure if you were hit bleeding im sure you would be praying to god. If i was therw i would take a shit on you asshole cocksucking dickheads — Joseph T.

constatutionalaty: the constatution of the united states garenties fredom of religions thats what allows you athiests two assembel your attacting crosses and thouse different than you shows your not educated inconstatutionalaty and laws of usa most godless comunests attact others fredoms so shut the hell up and go back too the turd world you came from — William I. J.

Nativity scene: I will, either independently, or with a familiar constitutional rights legal aid group, begin the process of compelling your group to compensate the affected youth choirs. Simple advice — if you don’t like the program, don’t tune in! — Jim D.

FFRF: You literally suck the joy from the holiday season because of your selfishness and lack of tolerance. You’re the weird kid at the party, standing in the corner crying because you don’t believe in anything, and that’s what your intellectual parents taught you. So you try to spoil it for everyone else (ESPECIALLY THE CHILDREN) because everyone else is having fun and enjoying Christmas except for you, and there’s nothing really fun, expressive, or joyful about believing in nothing. Jeez, I feel bad for you. Leave the rest of us alone, please. — Ben D.

Menominee nativity: Your organization is exactly what Jesus was, a rable rouser seeking attention. How ironic is that? Find a better hobby and quit wasting taxpayers time. — Jeff P.

Freedom for religion: I don’t believe in Santa clause either but I’m not wasting my money to put billboards everywhere. You poor deluded souls. Is it any wonder that Madalyn Murray O’hair was kidnapped, robbed and tortured for days before her murder. Take a Que. She cried out to God in her last hours. What a pity, no peace in your little insignificant lives. Intelligence has to create intelligence, we didn’t just “pop up” out of nothing. Have fun in hell, licking flames out of Hitler’s asshole.FREAKS — Giovanni C.

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