FFRF salvos in ‘War on Christmas’

December and January complaint letters went to:

Contact: Wis. Dept. of Revenue, Madison
Violation: The department put up a display featuring a cross, stars of Bethlehem, and religious messages, many emphasizing the word “JESUS” in large, bold font.

Contact: Douglasville, Ga.; Saltillo, Miss.; Rolling Hills, Calif.; Bandera County, Texas; Fayette County, Texas; Poplar Grove, Ill.; Trenton, Mich.; Grundy County, Ill.; North Ogden, Utah; Rainbow City, Ala.; Roane County, W.Va.; Elkhorn, Wis.; Brodhead, Wis., Walworth County, Wis., Glencoe City, Ala.; Higginsville, Mo.; and New Orleans.
Violation: These cities hosted nativity scenes on public property or endorsed live nativity displays.

Contact: Grapevine-Colleyville ISD, Texas
Violation: Cross Timbers Middle School partnered with Grace Christmas Cottage, an overtly Christian organization, to run a holiday gift program.

Contact: Montgomery, La.
Violation: The town hosted a Christmas celebration which was advertised on the town’s Facebook page under a large banner of a nativity scene that said “The Town of Montgomery is PROUD to keep CHRIST in our Christmas celebrations.”

Contact: Copperas Cove ISD, Texas
Violation: Two Halstead Elementary teachers taught students the story of Jesus’ birth and explained that Christmas celebrates his birthday.

Contact: Mooresville Graded School District, N.C.
Violation: A teacher at Park View Elementary School taught students the Christian nativity story and made them draw part of the nativity. Another teacher polled students about whether they were Christians.

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