Sharing the Crank Mail January/February 2012

A sampling of recent comments to FFRF from the Christian righteous, printed as received:

Voice mail to Dan Barker
I have a message for you. Jesus said “Go fuck yourself, you fucking dick!” ­— 520 Franklin Ave.

Gov. Scott Walker wishes you all a very Merry CHRISTmas!! — Billy Cyrus

If you do not like Christmas and Church go fuck yourself and I will continue the believe and will not stand for some panty waste to interfer with my live or any one else’s. If you do not like it close your motherfunkin eyes or shut your door and crawl back under a rock gutter slut., — L.B.

God is Great
God is the most beautiful being. There are angels, devils (you are an example of one), heavn and hell. That is your future home. also saw pictures of you, you look like a slut. Have you had sex with any childrem lately? Go fuck yourself. God Bless America Nd keep Christ in Christmas. Ps Go to hell
— Santa Claus

Christmas time
You’re a miserable fat, cunt, you’re afucking disgrace to the human race and you smell of piss. PS merry Christmas and God Bless — Saint Nick

Sample issue of Freethought Today
I pray daily that all you self righteous bastards die of long painful lingering illnesses. You will be in hell. — Ken books

Texas Nativity Scene
Dear FFRF Maggots Dan the Carnival Barker, Annie Get Your Atheist Gun Gaylor, your atheist mom and Company: My, my, we all got our panties in a wad, don’t we? A man named Adolf would be proud as well as Stalin and Mao. You guys have bastardized the Constitution to serve your own wicked agenda. Enjoy your solstice season, Gaylord and company. May your solstice stockings be filled with coal and hot air, and of course, unwadded panties.
— NK in NW Indiana


Sample issue
Fuck you faggots — JHF DJFJ, Beverly Hills, Calif.

Merry Christmas!
I just wanted to let you know that I and most of the rest of the majority of people believe that you and your members are insignificant shreds of human debris, using air that real people could use. I believe you and your members being, are reasons why abortion should always be legal. I believe there should be a law against parents like you and your members from being able to procreate. — your mama

I pray that you will change your thoughts and ways soon, for you to will have ever lasting life in burning he’ll and damnation. GOD LOVES YOU — Kim Farguson

Go fuck yourself
Athens Texas has NOTHING to do with you faggat whores so I know this will not chage anything it makes me feel better
— John Doe

your WRONG!!!!!: GET REAL!!!!
You have no right to force your unfounded views on anyone! You want a fight with Christ’s followers, well you’ll get one. — Tony Hill

Your organization sucks!!!
You all need to get a life: Fuck you and your attempts to stop freedom of religion.
— Enjoy Hell

you r STUPID
you have a FUCKIN STUPID org. you need to move to another country we do noit want you in our country because we llove GOD, and he will punish you some way — mike cannon

You people suck dick
Hell won’t be hot for you. You people are fucking tools. — Matt fuckyou

State/Church Quiz response
Your silly quiz is wrong, and you know it. I am NOT Christian, but I hate you filthy ass rapers with every thing I have. FUCK YOU, and FUCK COMMIE ATHIESTS!!!! Eat my shit, and fucking kill your selves, NOW, you fucking child molesters!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! FUCK YOUR GAY NIGGER, lil barry NIGGER BOY soetoro, too. — Kurt Anderson, Ogden, Utah

You are assholes
You people are very sick assholes. Do not contact me repeat, don’t do it. — M Chierepko

Dear Dan, We know that you are really a muslim! Don’t pretend that we don’t know. Your real name is Mohammed Atta. ­— DJ Via

God still loves you, but I’m not that perfect… Fucking idiots! — Guy Fawkes

What a bag of dicks
Fuck you. Go back to the slimy hole you came from.
— Mark Jackson

We\’re coming
We’re coming…. Christ and his troops. — [email protected]

Texas Nativity Scene
Fuck you all. In GOD we trust,Merry Christmas,burn in HELL. — John Casale, Warren, Ohio

Texas Nativity scene
you guys are pussies lol. grow up and get a real job
— Ron Perry

You fucking morons need to worry only about your own black area! Come to Normal and try that shit and you’ll wish you didn’t! — Rob Mauer, Normal, Ill.

For the sake of the Lord’s people, please join your species in Hell. — Betty Ramerez

Stick it up- well you know where
Im now going to put a religion theme in my yard. and print you web site so my bird can shit on it ha ha — [email protected]

Fuck you and stay out of my religion asses — [email protected], San Diego, Calif.

Saw the article about Athens Texas
Know that as an atheist yow are an Enemy of God. Not a good place to be for Eternity.
— Carol Polischak

You are all a bunch of whackjobs. You pick a fight, do not cry when you get your asses handed to you. You do not own this country either. Go be miserable somewhere else along with the tree huggin liberals, and gay marriage proponets. MERRY CHRISTMAS — Jeff Hankins

Rotten Apples: Athesis
Rotten apples in a baslet, just take a athesis drop them on the ground and let them rot where they belong,.IM LOOKING FORWARD TO THE DAYS I CAN PUNCH ATHESIS IN THE FKN FACE!!! THE DEVEL IS COMING AFTER YOUR GROUP! IMMEDIATLY!!
— Wnkinc Wnkinc

Keep your noses out of other people’s beliefs. You’re like the gays, complaining about wanting to be accepted but not accepting other views. BACK THE FUCK OFF. ­— Anna Davis

Athens Texas
I propose, that when you attended school, Ms. Gaylor, you either skipped math class altogether, or, if not, you were either drunk or stoned at your desk, or both…! It’s painfully obvious to me that you are ‘freeloaders’ to the economy and a Pain in the Ass to Christians everywhere! You do not work, you do not hold a REAL job to speak of, and yet; you’ve this sense of entitlement, reserved only for the working class, placing demands upon them to bend toward your wishes, OR ELSE…! You can go to HELL as far as I’m concerned. ­— Mr. Rick Schlecht, U.S. Army/U.S. Air Force, retired

Athens Texas
FUCK YOU and your 17%!! Majority rules bitch!! I’m sick to DEATH of fucking idiots like you who are offended by what makes THE MAJORITY happy and THE MAJORITY has to cave for you, FUCK YOU!! MOVE TO RUSSIA!! WHen you are burning in Hell…YOU’LL BELEIVE!! — Larry Pickett, Sun Lakes, Ariz.

Atheists Are Bastards
You stupid atheist Bastards are really insane Bastards for thinking it is any of your business that there are nativity scenes set up in the public squares. You stupid atheist Bastards shove it up your damn ass crossways. — Michael Mazar

Ahens Texas Nativity scene
You bastards stepped on your dicks by screwin with Texas! — Ron Loven, Mesquite, Texas

A Fool\’s Errand
Your ‘god’, Nobama, is about as popular as a Shy-Town, junk-yard dog, right now. Yes, I’ve lived in beautiful Wisconsin, and such mini-brain, minority delusions, are quite rare, save in some Madison & Milwaukee hovels. Also worked in Shy-Town’s South Side combat zone, where your hero was raised. What a bombed-out, burned-out, marxist, hell-hole. — Gary Hurd, Mineral Wells, Texas

God is Great
I will pray for God to send you directly to hell which unfortunately will be a step up from Madison. — Jesus Christ

Im coming after your group with a mighty Pen., Lets begin to tell the true stories how athesis scums love to rape kids!
— Wnkinc Wnkinc

Athens, Texas
you stupid dumbfucks. you ignorant assholes. STOP attempting to impose your values on THE MAJORITY OF THE POPULATION. now, lets see how many of you pathetic SOB’s try to take advantage of any day off work due to all the Good People. FUCK YOU. FUCK… all of you. — Thomas Acton

Athens, Texas
Why don’t you inept morons stay the hell out of Texas! Maybe you need a large hunk of cheese shoved up your ass? Us Texans will be happy to help all of you out with that. — Jeff Lewellen, Texas

athens tx:
annie . Shut the fuck up! We don’t need to hear from dumb cunts running a scam. — Steve Sloan, Madison, Wis.

Subject: fuck you.
Who the fuck are you to file a human rights suit for a lil teenage cunt who has no rights cuz she is a fucking skank who has no right to impede on the rights of the rest of people in that school fuck all you communist bastards burn in hell fuckas
[email protected]

You faggots
You fags need to grow up and get a real job! Who gives a shit if the govonor of az supports the national prayer day. Take the fuckin tampon out of your ass and find something else to cry about you baby back bitch! It’s liberal jews like yourself that are ruining this country! [email protected]

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