State church quotes

In this country, anyone can pray any time they want. Deeply, fervently — and silently. Having a representive of government invoking God is insensitive, intimidating and at odds with the Constitution. The council should keep its prayers to itself.
Editorial supporting judge’s ruling against sectarian prayer by Point Pleasant Beach [N.J.] Borough Council members
Asbury Park Press, 12-20-10

I think he has put a face on the contemporary reality that many Americans do not have a religious affiliation. For any cause to advance and for any voice to be heard, someone needs to be the face of that movement and give voice to those concerns. In that sense, Michael Newdow has been very successful.
Charles Haynes, director, Religious Freedom Education Project
Christian Century, 12-21-10

In Connecticut, there’s a feeling that’s much too prevalent that if all religions are covered, then everyone’s covered. And that’s not true.
Dennis Paul Himes, Connecticut Valley Atheists, protesting the City Council’s Christian prayer by staying seated
Hartford Advocate, 12-15-10

Making a visible statement, [House Speaker] Boehner invited a slew of school choice backers to the State of the Union address, packing the speaker’s box with students, parents and teachers tied to Washington’s Catholic schools. On the guest list was Cardinal Donald Wuerl, archbishop of Washington, along with advocates of the voucher program and students who attend D.C.’s Catholic schools with the help of scholarship money.
Fox News, 1-26-11

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