Sharing the crank mail

Our mail is like a box of chocolates, we never know what we’re gonna get. But here’s a taste, with comments printed as received.

Your website is disgruntled and meaningless: Message: Your website has a quiz mocking peoples education about the Bible. Your questions isolate issues in the Bible, that I know for a fact your staff HAS NO IDEA how to understand. You are not people of the book, you are childish mockers of the book. Your entire organization is a faith group bent on the worship and zealotry of Richard Darwin’s Study. May God look over you. — Matthew Smithson, California

your uneducated leader Annie Laurie Gaylor: Your leader Mr. Annie Galor is either an idiot in search of a village or he is on drugs. I would also like to say YOU ALSO HAVE NO FREEDOM FROM RELIGION!! Please be my guest and go to the middle east, preferably Syria, and shout you beliefs there. I don’t expect an answer since you have no defense. — Keith Rohlmeier, Edmond, Okla.

Who started the universe?: If there’s no Deity, how did everything get started? — John Schwarting, Live Oak, Texas

Your inappropriate networking activities:

Im really fed up with you guys trying to follow my allies around and harass us in one shape or another. Your use of networking into federal government is the kind of thing president kennedy warned the people about. I will let the President of the United States know what kind of defamation and civil harassment you guys are engaging in in the name of democracy. Kindly cease and desist from your forced marketing ad hosting of the film “Spotlight” as well. I will direct either the French and or Jeff Mace from Kearny NJ to create undue technical logistical problems for your harassing media endeavors. You are to cease and desist from entering CBN, Lincoln Center, Brooklyn New York near DUMBO. Do you understand? YES? GOOD. — Jean Kim, Kearny, N.J.

Concord High School Nativity Scene: Tell Annie Laurie Gaylor that since her jaw dropped about the Nativity scene she can just suck my dick. I know Christians shouldn’t say something like that but then someone like her should just put her mouth to good use. — Connor Kaisch, Texas

harris county sheriff jolley: I am from Waukesha County in the town of Vernon, Wis. I left that hellhole of a state. Just as that corrupt governor Doyle was leaving office! You liberal jerks are one of the reasons I got the Hell out of that state and went somewhere free of People like you in East Texas! If it weren’t for men like Sheriff Holley and Vietnam veterans like me, my dad in Ww II , my grandpa in Ww I, you would not have the rights to express your twisted opinion. — Rob Painter

Bibles: You offend me but I can’t remove your face from the internet ….doesn’t that as sound ridiculous? GOD be with you — Laura D

Bullies with no respect: What a bunch of bullies you are. You go around demanding things from your little itty bitty tiny group of “over 22500 members” like your shit doesn’t stink. But you know what you are the minority. By pushing your extreme agenda you are only making people hate you more and more and are going to bring about your own demise. You make demands like little children and go cry to some libtard judge until you get your way. — Brandon Culp

Bibles in hotels: Please, please, PLEASE stop with your inane crusade to remove religion from every place and every event you do not like. God was here before you and will be here LONG after you leave. If you don’t like something, turn your head, change the channel, or close the drawer and leave the Bible in there. You people are just as bad as the NAACP and labor unions. — Douglas Nodurft

A high school nativity play ? You blocked that ?: Hey assholes- you people are on my shit list. Keep up your trash. We are Conservative Americans, who believe in this nation. Under God. We will push back. — David Laity

Heathens: That crap you pulled at Concord Highschool in Indiana proves how ignorant and petty you are. You are no better than ISIS. The school will probably go on with the Nativity Scene anyway.Please leave our country and especially Indiana. You’re stinking up our air. — Nancy Erie

Freedom: people like you over the years have caused a decay in the foundation of this country and you obviously do not understand the constitution and twist it in to suit your own agenda. If it was good in the 50’s its good new or updated interpretation needed. Your violating their 2nd amendment rights!! — Shawn Harper

Live nativity scene: fuck you and your bullshit non christian family whining about a scene about mary and jesus. FUCK YOU — Kelly Diehl

Ignorant: While in military I was killed….I was dead for two hours…..I have walked on the other side of life for two hours I’ve seen heaven I’ve seen hell…the bible states that everyone that includes all of you…will one day bow before Jesus Christ….in life to salvation, or after death to punishment…you might not believe in God this side of life but on the other side everyone believes…. — Dan Fuller

Bibles in hotels: There were no school shootings until you helped chase prayer out of school. Organizations like yours are as reprehensible as any terrorist organization — Neil English

Your lame-ass organization: You assholes are no better than the ISIS bastards that are trying to destroy America. Head on back to Russia, China, Iran where you belong and will most likely get killed by those folks. It would be the sweetest thing for all you folks to hang from the rafters upside down until you heads explode. Fuck you and the mothers that bore you. — Bill Winkler

Something you need to know: There is a God. Something can’t come from nothing so something must be eternal. It can’t be energy because it would all be unusable by now and virtual particles have been proven to be created by already existing energy. Matter would all be dust by now because of the natural order of decay. God is the only logical explanation for our existence. — Jenifer Carrico

Tolerance: You folks are no better than the church that wants to shut down the tittie-bar. They have a REASON! It might impact… You have a REASON! It might impact…
I knw you won’t stop. Why? For the same reason they won’t $$$$$$$$$$$$$$ YOU ARE BOGUS. and you know it. — Bret Loomis

Religious displays in parks: You can be free from religion if you wish. That’s your right. But we are sick and tired of you treading on our rights for our religion. Back off and stay out of Mississippi. We don’t need any help from you to run our state. The majority is supposed to rule. Not one over everyone else. — Gail Williams, Mississippi

Let me try to figure this out: I will pray that only more conviction will come upon your scheme of destroying your great nation. Keep looking up because the fairy tale is coming soon, or shall I say the reality of Jesus Christ in all of His glory. — Brian Plum, London, Ontario

Stop: I need y’all to hear me out. I am 19 years old and have been a Christian since I was born, even though I was saved and baptized at 9. I heard about the ‘In God We Trust’ decal article and that has crossed the line! My dad is an officer and a Christian. Please don’t say I’m pushing my religion on y’all because I’m not. Y’all are pushing your views on me. Jesus is my SAVIOR, not my religion! He can be your Savior, too. I know y’all know that. Anyway, please email me back? My intention really is not to verbally fight, but to further the Kingdom. — Caroline Billiot, Bossier City, La.

You Fags: Hi faggotts. Picketed any fire stations lately for expressing their freedom of speech? Screw ALL of you. Hell has a special place reserved just for you!!! — Jerry Babbitt

you fucking people deserve to go back to the monkeys you came from: You are truly a pathetic bunch of douchebags. I hope none of you asswiping goat fuckers celebrate Christmas, you hypocritical bunch of turd ticklers. Get a life and please stay out of everyone elses. — Tim Delaney

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