FFRF has banner year

A total of 16 sites were home to FFRF Winter Solstice signs and Bill of Rights “nativity” displays in 2015.

FFRF offers seasonal displays and banners, including “Keep Saturn in Saturnalia,” (a riff on “Keep Christ in Christmas”) to counter religious displays on public property.

Here are the locations that hosted signs or diplays in 2015:

1. Springfield, Ill. Capitol (“May Reason Prevail” sign with easel)
2. Austin, Texas Capitol (Sign removed after Gov. Abbott complained. See cover story)
3. Olympia, Wash. Capitol (“Let Reason Prevail” banner)
4. Madison, Wis., Capitol (“May Reason Prevail” with easel, Bill of Rights nativity)
5. Arlington Heights, Ill. (Scarlet “A”)
6. Daley Plaza, Ill. (“Happy Winter Solstice,” Bill of Rights banner and large scarlet “A”)
7. Grundy County, Ill. (Bill of Rights nativity)
8. Franklin County, Ind. (“Happy Winter Solstice” sign stolen and replaced), then defaced.
9. South Bend/St. Joseph County, Ind. (Bill of Rights nativity)
10. Bulloch County, Ga. (Bill of Rights nativity)
11. Sanford, Maine (Stolen)
12. Warren/Macomb County, Mich. (“Keep Saturn in Saturnalia”)
13. Belle Plaine, Minn., Police Department (Stolen)
14. Hastings on Hudson, N.Y. (“Reason’s Greetings” banner)
15. Manassas, Va. (“Let Reason Prevail” banner)
16. Milwaukee County Courthouse (“May Reason Prevail” sandwich board)

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