They Said What?

You worry about the goings-on in Wisconsin, and we will pray for you and that God will give you some sense.

Commissioner Tucker Dorsey, Baldwin County, Ala., responding to FFRF’s letter about prayers at commission meetings 12-14-12


Laws, the only redoubt of secularism, will not suffice. Let us all return to our places of worship and pray for help. Above all, let us pray for our children.

Texas Gov. Rick Perry, statement on President Obama’s executive actions, 1-16-13


A student came up to me at a graduation and said not only did he get a scholarship to college but that the course changed his life. Principals talk about how students carrying their bibles down the hall have improved hall behavior to a point that teachers as hall monitors are no longer necessary.

Phil Murphy, public school board member in Ozark, Ala., contending that a bible as literature course would reduce school shootings

Dothan Eagle, 1-8-12


It’s not the separation of church and state — which, by the way, is NOT in any of our federal papers — that worries these people. It’s the life-changing power of Christianity and the light of truth it shines on the sins of the world, exposing the lies being propagated by the media, the politicians and the universities of this nation.

Column by country singer Charlie Daniels, “There Ain’t No ‘X’ in Christmas”

CNS News, 12-19-12


There’s one thing we know that works, and it’s prayer.

John Lee, Muncie, Ind., part of a Christian group which was let in to pray in every Muncie Community Schools building during winter break

Star Press, 1-3-13


How often do we see girls and mature women going around scantily dressed and in provocative clothes? They provoke the worst instincts, which end in violence or sexual abuse. They should search their consciences and ask: Did we bring this on ourselves?

Fr. Piero Corsi, pastor of the Catholic parish of San Terenzo, Italy, part of a Christmas message posted on the door of the church, 12-27-12

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