Sharing the crank mail

Here is our most recent installment of correspondence we get from those who don’t understand what we do or why we do it and aren’t afraid to show their lack of grammar, syntax or spelling.

You are all atheists: You people have no respect for the U.S. Constitution, nor do you know how to interpret it. You people care about no one but yourselves. You all belong in hell. You people are not Christians, you people are atheists. Your interpretation of the U.S. Constitution is totally inaccurate. There is nothing in the U.S. Constitution about “separation of Church and State”. There is a clause known as the “establishment clause”, which no laws shall prevent the free exercise ones right to live their lives, including where or when they choose to pray, that includes the 50 yard of a football field. What your foundation is trying to do, is to wipe Christianity from this country. What you are doing is wrong. I am disgusted at what your foundation represents. You do not have the right based a single complaint to tell a school or individual to stop doing what they are doing, even if the vast majority of the school does not have an issue what is going on in their schools. Knock it off. — Theresa M.

God Loves You Anyway: Our creator, the one we all adore, loves you. Whether you choose to accept his gracious love is up to you, but I wish to implore you to accept his love. Those that do not know his love lead such cold and heartless lives, they murder innocent babies through abortion, they marry people who should not go together through gay marriage, and they feel like this benefits people somehow. How does murdering a baby make you feel? —James B.

Newton MS baptism: I read an article regarding your complaint against Newton High because the high school coach baptized a student after school hours per the student’s request. Whew! Thank God you are there to protest such kind actions! With your assistance, more people can continue to slide down the slippery slope to Hell. Thanks for all you do (sarcasm). — Nancy D.

Dunmore: Give it up people and let these kids pray with there coach the 1st Amendment applies to them too and the right to pray. Nothing about what they are doing is illegal, just not right in your eyes. Grow up!!!! — Robert C.

Lies: There is no seperation of church and state in us constitution it was in a letter of opinion by pres jefferson to danbury baptiat church inregard to keeping government out of religious affairs,not the other way. — Steve B.

Stopping a tradition: Shame on you guys for getting involved in something that is none of you business. This is the problem with our country. People get involved with other people’s business about there tradition and it’s wrong. If teams want to pray before a game that is there right. I’m a Catholic and I don’t get involved with what your group does so why would you get involved with what other people want to do. — Tim L.

U.S. Constitution: Have you people ever heard of the US Constitution? Freedom of religion? It’s one of the foundations this country was founded and built on. Hope your ready for a Trump administration next year. This country has had enough of groups like yours interfering with our right to worship freely in this nation, and under Trump you will no longer be allowed to interfere and continue to attack that god given unalienable right. — Brian M.

Report on my local TV station: I live in Pennsylvania your located in Wisconsin and you wrote a letter a local High School, Dunmore School District, in Lackawanna County, PA. YOU are way off base. YOU have some nerve and no right to send a letter to a school where they for over 40 years have their team mates gather before a game to “pray for a good game and the safety of the players”. They are good clean living students with a faith in GOD. Because people like you don’t believe in GOD or pray is a very sad state of affairs. I see by your web site you don’t have very many followers—–that is because you are WRONG in your beliefs. Your motto (such as it is) “critical work to promote nontheism and defend the constitutional separation between religion & government”. OK the kids gather in prayer but they are a high school—-not government. The problem with this world today is the lack of prayer and the belief of a Greater Power—–it’s GOD. It would be interesting to ask your followers how they think the world got here, how did they become a person, created inside their mother ——it’s the miracle of life and the hand of God. This is where the problem starts, people of your uneducated caliber start trouble———bear in mind the American people will not allow you to win your “cause”——-we Christians out number you jokers millions to one. ­— Dorothy S.

Ashamed: Y’all should be ashamed of yourselves your God created you and will make you burn in Hell for pushing your beliefs on others if our school wants to pray guess what we will do so and there will never be anyone to stop that. — Leanna G.

Dunmore high school: what gives you the right to even ever tell someone what to do. law or not this is this school thing and if the parent and student are fine with this what gives you a right to set in a say other. are you being affected by this. is this hurting you. no its not. this is none of your business to set in. you can take you law and shove it because you should NEVER SET IN, in what someone believes. what someone feels. last I check we live in AMERICA maybe you should brush up on some information before you ever come after a child believes. — Matt E.

Trump train: Hey lefty fags, how you doing now that you have been smashed by the TRUMP TRAIN? Your rain of corruption and lies is over. Get over it you cry baby snowflakes!!! HaHaHaHa!!! Choo Coo!!! — Jerry B.

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