Meet our volunteers: Karen Lee Weidig

Name: Karen Lee Weidig

Where I live: Madison, Wis.

Where and when I was born: Long ago in the nouveau riche and lily-white suburbs of Milwaukee. Brookfield, to be specific.

Family: I live with an awful hound named Happy.

Education: Degrees in cultural anthropology, Spanish literature, art history and graphic design (pre-computer!).

My day job was/is: Janitor.

Why I volunteer for FFRF: Somebody has to fight this fight for me and I am grateful. Plus, I can’t send money commensurate with my gratitude.

What I do as a volunteer: Smile, read, collate.

What I like best about it: Such interesting literature. Such fascinating people!
Something funny that’s happened at FFRF: Dan Barker told a joke at lunch about the aging lovers . . .

These three words sum me up: No sense’a’ humor.

My freethought heroes are: All of the “little” people brave enough to stand up against the conventions of religious society.

Things I smite: Religious people and institutions trying to run my life. And yours.

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