Meet an intern: Molly Hanson

Name: Molly Hanson.

Where and when I was born: Dodgeville, Wis., on April 13th, 1994.

Family: My parents are Joe and Ann Hanson. I have two sisters Mary, 18, and Michaela, 32.
Education: I’m on my final semester of school at the University of Wisconsin-Madison majoring in journalism with a certificate in gender and women’s studies.

My religious upbringing: I was raised Catholic more as ethnic tradition than true spiritual belief. However, I was never was confirmed after I stopped attending “CCD.”

How I came to work as an FFRF intern: I was scrolling through fall internship listings on UW-Madison Journalism School’s jobsite. I’m interested in civic law, and particularly passionate about First Amendment rights, so when I came across an internship listing for FFRF, I did some research on the foundation and found that its goals and mission really aligned with my personal beliefs. I’ve always felt freedom of thought to be necessary for a truly democratic government along with a strong separation of church and state. I applied immediately and here I am!

What I do here: I write action alerts, summarize legal victories, write Freethoughts of the Day, and help out wherever I am needed.

What I like best about it: The working environment is awesome! I love the progressive and informed atmosphere and thoughtful conversations about current social and political issues. I really feel like I leave every day more educated on something. The people here are passionate about their work here preserving democratic values and it’s really inspiring and energizing.

My interests are: Politics, history, psychology, tai chi, environmental preservation, folklore, track and field, and social justice issues.

These three words sum me up: Strong-willed, imaginative and curious.

Things I like: Thai food, willow trees, feminism, gnomes, foxes, hiking, honey, coffee, learning and exploring.

Things I smite: Sociopaths, mosquitos, misogyny, country music.

My loftiest goal: To be the publisher of a travel/culture/exploration magazine. Or the head of an investigative journalism organization. Or both.

My personal playlist: Kanye West, Bob Dylan, Vanessa Carlton, Beyoncé, Michael Jackson, and the “Hamilton” musical soundtrack.

Interesting fact: I ran track and cross country for the University of Wisconsin Badgers.

Editor’s note: Molly has been hired as a full-time staff member as an editorial assistant.

She will begin her new position in January following her December graduation from UW-Madison.

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