In Memoriam: Jack Maxey

By Melisa Maxey

Jack Maxey, husband, proud father, brother, uncle, neighbor and friend, died in April 2016 with his family by his side. Jack was born in Darden, Miss., in March of 1927. He lived a life full of love and concern for people. He traveled extensively throughout the U.S. during his career working for the federal government. Jack joined the Navy at the tender age of 17, where he spent time overseas during WWII and witnessed the one and only flight of “The Spruce Goose.” Jack was a member of Mensa and FFRF, and he loved reading, politics, chess, Sudoku and the funny papers. He explored progressive thinking, enjoyed nature and science, loved a great joke and found people’s lives interesting. Those who knew him loved him and sought his company just to sit and talk. Always a gentleman, Jack made you feel welcome and special. Vibrant, gracious, handsome, charismatic, humble, self-educated and fun, Jack remained caring and non-judgmental throughout his life. His personality is one that will never be matched. The world has lost a beautiful, one-of-a-kind, irreplaceable human being. Melisa, Jack’s daughter, placed an itty-bitty “Free Library” in honor of her dad in the place where he was born, for all to enjoy the gift of reading. Jack’s wishes were to offer his body as an anatomical donation, which the University of Nevada-Reno has received.

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