Freethinkers make their mark on elections

As the number of religiously unaffiliated Americans increases every year, so do the number of elected officials who are also “Nones.” Of course, it’s still an uphill battle, as atheists are still near the top of who-would-you-never-vote-for lists.

Freethought Today, with the help of the Freethought Equality Fund’s candidate endorsement list, has put together a listing of many of the atheist/agnostic/freethinking candidates (or others who are friendly to state/church separation) who were up for election on Nov. 8.

Elected or re-elected

Pinny Beebe-Center — Maine State House (District 93).
Ernie Chambers — Nebraska State Senate (District 11).
Beth Doglio — Washington State House (District 22b).
Julie Fahey — Oregon State House (District 14).
Martha Hennessey — New Hampshire State Senate (District 5).
Diego Hernandez — Oregon State House (District 47).
Chris Kennedy — Colorado State House (District 23).
Pam Marsh — Oregon State House (District 5).
Juan Mendez — Arizona State Senate (District 26).
Strom Peterson — Washington State House (District 21, Position 1).
Jamie Raskin — U.S. House of Representatives (Maryland – District 8).
Athena Salman — Arizona State House (District 26).
Melissa Sargent — Wisconsin State Assembly (District 48).
Tim Smith — New Hampshire State House (Hillsborough District 17).
Mark Spreitzer — Wisconsin State Assembly (District 45).
Lisa Subeck — Wisconsin State Assembly (District 78).
Ryan Tipping-Spitz — Maine State House (District 123).
Sam Young — Vermont State House (Orleans-Caledonia-1 District).

Not elected

Patrick Edwards — Pennsylvania General Assembly (District 62).
Talia Fuentes — U.S. Congress (District 5).
Jennifer Goulet — Washington State House (District 9, Position 1).
Gayle Jordan — Tennessee State Senate (District 14).
Misty Plowright — U.S. House of Representatives (Colorado – District 5).
Cara Prior — Arizona State House (District 16).
Scott Prior — Arizona State Senate (District 16).
Misty K. Snow — U.S. Senate (Utah).
Barbara Stocker — Missouri State House (District 115).
Perrin Swanlund — California State Assembly (District 34).
Beth Tuura — Florida State House (District 47).
Beth Weisser — Arizona State House (District 5).
Mikel Weisser — U.S. Congress (District 4).

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