Cross, star to be moved off city property

The La Crescent (Minn.) City Council unanimously voted Nov. 23 to move a cross and star off city property that have been lit every season to celebrate Easter and Christmas, after FFRF contacted them about the constitutional violation.

Staff Attorney Rebecca Markert sent a complaint letter last July after getting a complaint from a La Crescent resident. The Lions Club owned and maintained the display, but it sat on city land.

According to WXOW, the plan approved was to light the display through Jan. 10 and then move it off city property. A yet-to-be-formed private group will sponsor and maintain the display in the future on private property.

“Most wars are fought over religion and we didn’t want to have a war with this situation,” La Crescent Mayor Mike Poellinger said. The Lions Club will apparently relinquish control due to association rules prohibiting support of sectarian matters.

FFRF Co-President Annie Laurie Gaylor hailed the city’s thoughtful action. “We are very pleased to hear the city of La Crescent will abide by the constitution and divest itself of this unconstitutional endorsement of religion,” she said. “It’s nice to see reason, and the Constitution, prevailing.”

Freedom From Religion Foundation