Sharing the Crank Mail

My, aren’t we cranky this month, the very month Jesus their savior was born? Hit and missives are printed as received.


You piece of shit Marxist Communist! Go live in Russia. Get the fuck out of here! Can’t wait to see you burn in hell!!!!! — Joann Stump

FFRF Information Request: You people are sick, lonely, pieces of excrement. OK, it’s your right to be stupid enough to not believe in God, but to FORCE YOUR SICK EVIL WAYS on others through legislation, pressure, and attempted intimidation is EVIL and WRONG.
Almighty God DOES exist, although not in YOUR lifeless, soulless eyes. I would NOT want to be you come the day of judgement. — “Suckmy Schwang”

ridiculous: I find you people to be out of line and unpatriotic. This nation was found as One Nation “Under God” and if you don’t like it move to another Country. Having served this Country along with a lot of fellow Veterans we will put God on our side anyday, and if you don’t like God used in the military or anywhere else keep it to yourselves or move. You are a minority but can believe what you like, but abortion is against God’s will and it folks like you that have made it a political issue. Your organization is no different than the KKK. — Tom Lemmer 


Freedom From Religion: You people make me fucking sick. You all don’t need any organization your just a bunch of attention-whores crying like an infant who needs attention. I hope you all realize how pathetic you all are and just crawl back in your fucking caves. Yes that is my real address and anyone who comes to meet me there in a trespassing fashion will also meet my vast gun and ammo collection in a unfriendly way. — Steven Main

morons: r u clowns 4 freaking real when im up in heaven ill b looking down at u freakin morons burning in hell id like 2 c u on judgement begging god and his son jesus 4 forgiveness but then its 2 late burn in hell 4ever r tell god u r sorry and ask 4 forgiveness 


You’re watertower terrorists! I’ve concluded that your organization is deliberately targeting the water supply of an entire community by threatening its water tower and what they do with it. That makes you terrorists. You are just evil, not to mention that you have no regard for the safety of low flying aircraft in the darkest months of winter near an area where the Great Lakes exist that can perpetuate adverse weather conditions. Any kind of marking lights on that water tower is a good thing. It’s a small town. They have what they can afford. Shame on you. Why don’t you go to Colorado and attack the cross on the side of the Rockies that is lit up at night? Get a life! — Mary Adler, Waldorf, Ill.

Sickening Joke: You sick cunts are a fucking pestilence. My hope is that God is real, and you find out in the most awful way possible. Secondly, I hope each one of your deaths is slow, painful and cancer riddled. Fuck the lot of you. — Marcus Armstrong 


UP YOURS: Your full of shit up yours ass holes. — Tony Roberts 


assholes: why dont you idiots mind your own business.stay in wisconsin and leave everyone else alone.u are liberal assholes. — “Bendover Jerks”

Statue in Montana: You people are absolutely out of your mind. You are all sick and mentally handicapped in my opinion. You can all go to hell. — David Dempsey, Homer, Mich. 


Then get out of the USA: If you don’t like living in the USA, then get out. We have freedoms too. All ragheads, and people that don’t believe in Christ should be shot. This makes me so mad, it has been fine up until a bunch of you self rightous dick wads want us all to be fair, well life isn’t always fair, so buck up, shut up, and kiss my ASS! — James Williams

You are all assholes: You fucking people ought to mind your own business and let people express their own beliefs – if you don’t agree with it keep your fucking mouths closed and don’t worry about it… are not the majority. What a bunch of low life losers. — Stan Rohde


Hallelujah: You fags need to get a life, or just do the world a favor and kill yourselves. Is a statute on a ski slope really that offensive to you? Seriously you all must be the most over sensitive pussies in the world. Merry Christmas Bitches
— John Nelson, Houston, Texas


You are human trash: Just because one of your stupid assholes doesn’t like a statue then it must be removed for everyone?
IDIOTS you sub-humans are! — Rick Lane 


Evolution? Does your organization believe in “The THEORY of Evolution” ? If we have evolved, explain why so many people are so stupid as to vote for Barack Hussein Obama. If we have evolved, why do so many people murder their unborn? I can’t think of any animal that does that, can you. – Britt Whit

no one: who the FUCK DO YOU THINK YOU ARE? There is a God. And I think all of you will be going to HELL. — “I love God”


Scum: I look forward to pissing on your grave, as well as all your children. Your nothing but a bunch of little spoiled dbags . . . get a fucken life!! — Mike Kelley— Travis Peebles, Texas 

Texas: Don’t mess with Texas. We don’t need your Bullshit here. 


Freedom From Religion! HEY, MERRY CHRISTMAS….YOU COMMUNIST ASS HOLES! — Stan Knowles

Haralson County High School: The people of west Georgia have a way of life and for you people up there in that dismal state of ugly girls, snowdrifts, and millionaire athlete worship to try to tear it down is disgusting, sad, repugnant and insulting to every peace loving comm unity on the planet. I’m sure you’d love to pick on some Muslims but you four-eyed, dope smoking geeks are too chicken sh!t. — Jesup Gentry, Atlanta, Ga.


Your Star: You should be sued for your interference of an organization to excercise its right of freedom of religion. If you don’t like it here in the US, then leave dummy!!!  — Leroy Smith


OF OF OF OF OF: IT’S FREEDOM OF RELIGION NOT Freedom FROM Religion you freaks! Read the Constitution! By asking government to HIDE religious events you are asking them to VIOLATE THE CONSTITUTION! YOU ARE IDIOTS! PS: GOD WILL GET YOU EVENTUALLY.



Freedom from religion: You’re a bunch of idiots. You will lift up your eyes in hell! Enjoy! — Glen Kinard

stay within in you own state: mind your own house. your work is ignorant, intrusive, and serves no divine purpose. — Tawni Flick 


National Holiday: I’d like to suggest April 1st as your group’s national holiday. — Greg Thomas 


assholes: Are you the Anti-Religion Nazi’s that fucked over that town over it’s cross ? What a bunch of fucking assholes. fuck off and die! — David DeSau 


Kansas Town Forced to Remove Cross: Nothing but a group of  progressive thugs. YOU PEOPLE SUCK — Chris Marshall 


Freedom: This is America so you are free from religion. Your childish borish behavior towards people of faith is really quite telling to your character. This e-mail is sent with neither malace or respect as I have none of either for you. Oh who am I kidding “GO FUCK YOURSELVES” — Michael White, Green Bay, Wis.

Your Org: Your fucking existence is offensive to me, does my opinion matter? Or does only your opinion matter? Also it is freedom from the establishment of a state religion not freedom from religion you psycho fucks. — Miles Bouck, Carpenter, Va.

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