Victory: Green Bay Stays Secular in 2008

The man who instigated the violation spurring the federal lawsuit by the Foundation by placing a creche on the entrance of Green Bay City Hall in December 2007, has retrieved his manger scene from the city of Green Bay, Wis. Former city council president Chad Fradette, who lost his bid to get into the Wisconsin legislature in November, told the press he was going to put it outside his home if the city was just going to store it.

“This is an appropriate ending to this saga,” said Foundation co-president Dan Barker. “That’s where the nativity scene belonged in the first place.”

The Foundation has an appeal pending against dismissal of its lawsuit as moot. Meanwhile, it awaits the action of the city council, which is still debating the wording of a proposed winter display policy.

At least for 2008, it seems FFRF has a firm victory, with only seasonal secular displays approved!

Freedom From Religion Foundation