FFRF’s Billboards Make Statements in Georgia, Pennsylvania

Members of the Freedom From Religion Foundation and the Atlanta Freethought Society pose by the 48×14-foot “Imagine No Religion” FFRF billboard that was up for the month of December on a busy roadway in suburban Atlanta. Special thanks to David Driscoll, who sent this photo and helped pay for and arrange the billboard, to the Atlanta Freethought Society which also helped sponsor the billboard, and to Ed Buckner (not pictured), who also gave generous support. The Foundation hopes to keep its billboards in use throughout the year and eventually to erect a billboard somewhere in every state. A 48×14-foot vinyl “Beware of Dogma” billboard is also available.


This billboard, a smaller version, will be up in rotating spots for six months in the area of Chambersburg, Penn. It was entirely scouted out and sponsored by a generous Foundation member from the area, who prefers to remain anonymous. The billboard, currently located on U.S. 30 near Sunnyway Foods and Warm Spring Road, Hamilton Township (Franklin Co.), drew a photo and story in the local newspaper. Foundation president Annie Laurie Gaylor was quoted saying it is refreshing to have a billboard with a different message and to have a presence as part of the public landscape. The billboard will later move to Pa. 997, between Interstate 81 and U.S. 11, and a spot on U.S. 30 West.

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