U.S. Supreme Court Turns Down Foundation Appeal (June/July 1996)

The United States Supreme Court has denied the Freedom From Religion Foundation’s petition for a writ of certiorari in the “In God We Trust” lawsuit. The court order was handed down on May 17.

Foundation plaintiffs had sought to establish that “In God We Trust” is a religious motto and should not appear on U.S. currency and coins.

“It is odd that the Court acted so fast,” said Foundation attorney Robert R. Tiernan, “considering that there was a motion on file from the Solicitor General to extend the time to file a reply to late June. I guess the Court just couldn’t wait to be on record siding with the heavenly father!”

As far as the Foundation has been able to determine, the United States is the only country in the world with a religious motto on its money.

The Foundation had sought a trial to introduce its obvious and practical evidence that, in overwhelming numbers, the U.S. public regards “In God We Trust” as a religious phrase, and that Congress enacted the 1955 law with religious intent.

The lawsuit was dismissed at all levels without the opportunity for “a day in court.”

Joining the Foundation and its Denver chapter as individual plaintiffs were Colorado residents Glenn V. Smith, Lora Attwood and Jeff Baysinger.

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