Penn & Teller Accept Emperor Award (June/July 2003)

Nevada freethinkers Jennifer and Clark Adams are pictured presenting entertainers Penn and Teller with the Emperor Has No Clothes statuette on behalf of the Foundation, following one of their May shows in Las Vegas.
Teller is pointing to the Emperor.

The award recognizes public figures for “plain speaking” on religion. The statuette depicts the legendary emperor of the Hans Christian Andersen fairy tale. Recipients are considered to be like the small boy in the fairy tale who “tells it like it is” about religion.

Several Foundation members, pleased with Penn and Teller’s skeptical slant and remarks, and their new Showtime show “Bullshit!”, nominated the pair, including Clark Adams, a Life Member of the Foundation.

Previous recipients include Nobel Laureate Steven Weinberg, British scientist Richard Dawkins, Stanford Prof. Robert Sapolsky, editorial cartoonist Steve Benson and Nation columnist Katha Pollitt.

Clark and Jenn, big fans of P&T, encourage freethinkers to visit to submit a comment through the “contact” link to support renewing “Bullshit!” on Showtime, a pay-TV premium channel.

Bobbie Howard, an Arizona Foundation member who also nominated Penn & Teller for the award, noted their website contains this statement: “Both Penn and Teller are outspoken atheists and skeptics. They are great admirers of James (The Amazing) Randi and his attitudes toward paranormal and pseudoscientific claims.” Penn refers fans to an article by Richard Dawkins about science and religion.

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