Marquee Madness (June/July 2002)

If You Can Read This, You Are Too Close . . . Submitted by Bob & Lora Attwood, of Colorado. We Don’t Like It Matt Hughes, a member of the Freedom From Religion Foundation, writes: “My wife Linda took these pictures in front of the Assembly of God Church in Buellton, California, 30 miles north of Santa Barbara. “With the clergy currently facing so many charges of unwanted sexual advances, the wisdom of proclaiming the message ‘God Loves You Whether You Like It Or Not’ is questionable.”

So many follow-up lines spring to mind, such as: “1) ‘. . . and Cardinal Law probably won’t even report Him to the authorities!’ “2) ‘. . . so Cardinal law transferred Him to another diocese.’ “3) ‘. . . and the clergy are simply emulating their divine exemplar.’ “

Freedom From Religion Foundation