Lake Hypatia Freethought Advance — Alabama (September 2001)

A tree-lined view of Lake Hypatia Freethought Hall. The activist Cleveland family generously deeded some of their rural property to the Freedom From Religion Foundation for its southern outpost. The hospitable Clevelands make their campgrounds and lake available for the use of freethinkers at an annual 4th of July gathering and other events sponsored by the Alabama Freethought Association, a Foundation chapter. 
About 150 freethinkers around the country attended this year’s gathering.

George Whatley, M.D., was presented with a certificate of thanks from the Alabama chapter for his generosity over the years. The Freedom From Religion Foundation staff also presented Dr. Whatley with a box of Wisconsin goodies as a thank you for his very special support. The auditorium is named for Willa Mae Whatley, Dr. Whatley’s late wife.

Meals at the weekend event were efficiently served on the breezy lakeside pavilion constructed by Roger Cleveland and friends. The pavilion is known as “Sara’s Place,” in homage to Sara and James Howard, who helped make the pavilion a reality. Feeding fish from the pavilion is a nightly freethought “ritual.”

Hardworking Bill Teague crafted this eye-catching roadside sign. Lake Hypatia’s three rules: “No preaching. No praying. No walking on water.”

The Freedom From Religion Foundation’s unique monument to Atheists in Foxholes resides at tree-shaded Lake Hypatia, Alabama.

Grad student and quipster Adam Butler presided at a freethought trivia quiz and served, inimitably, as MC.

Ilene Sparks, AL, was recognized by the chapter for her special contributions.

Dr. Eugenie Scott, director of the National Center for Science Education, California, focused on the latest creationist threat, so-called “intelligent design.”

An activist workshop. From left: Steven Schafersman, TX; Dan Barker of FFRF staff, Patsyann Pitts, AL; Annie Laurie Gaylor of FFRF, and Eugenie Scott, CA.

Sidney Wilson of Georgia spoke on art and censorship.

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