In Memoriam: Richard J. Koenig (October 2002)

Richard J. Koenig, 69, of La Crosse, Wis., died July 17, 2002, at his home. Dick was “John Doe” in the Freedom From Religion Foundation’s suit challenging the Ten Commandments monument in a La Crosse park. His wife, Sue Mercier, also a Foundation member, is principal plaintiff in the continuing lawsuit.

Dick was a Korean War veteran, having served four years in the U.S. Navy. He worked as a manager for AT&T Communications for 30 years before retiring in 1989.

Born and raised a Catholic, Dick spent two years in a seminary before realizing that Catholicism and religion in general did not work for him. A kind, gentle man known for his energy, creativity, intelligence and curiosity, Dick will be greatly missed by his wife, Sue, his children, stepchildren, brothers, and all those who knew him.

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