Freedom From Religion! by Hank Shiver (Jan/Feb 1994)

My activism with the Freedom From Religion Foundation began in January, 1989. I contacted Annie Laurie Gaylor with a complaint of child labor violations that I witnessed at the Alabama State Docks. Through our efforts, child abuse and the violations of Federal Child Labor laws at the Alabama State Docks were stopped. The Reverend Herman Fountain of the Bethel children’s home of Lucedale, Mississippi, has now spent time in the Mississippi jail. The Director of the Alabama State Docks, John Dutton, allowed the violation to happen and did nothing about it until the U.S. Secretary of Labor threatened to shut down the docks. John Dutton aided in child abuse by letting Herman Fountain abuse them on state property and violate the child labor laws. John Dutton is a member of Governor Jim Folsom’s cabinet. The Governor knows this and still retains John Dutton. What does this say about the Governor of Alabama?

What did those kids need? Freedom From Religion!

I have paid for Foundation ads to be placed in the Harbinger, the alternative newspaper at the University of South Alabama. One of those ads resulted in the membership of activist Clark Adams.

What did Clark need? Freedom From Religion!

I have spoken before the legislature on the choice issue. This is more interesting than most would realize; Alabama never supported the l9th amendment to the United States Constitution. They said, “Women shouldn’t be allowed to vote.”

What do Alabama women need? Freedom From Religion!

I have spoken before the State Ethics Committee on two different complaints against former Governor Guy Hunt. One complaint helped get him out of office, the second will keep him out of office.

What do the citizens of Alabama need? Freedom From Religion!

I was a litigant in the State Park’s lawsuit. Y’all know what happened there.

What did the parks get? Freedom From Religion!

I have worked with the president of the Alabama State School Board on textbook issues. I also worked in his unsuccessful campaign for the U.S. Congress. You must remember that Alabama was the last state to stop teaching the flat earth theory in geography.

What do the students need? Freedom From Religion!

I have spoken before numerous county and city commission meetings, supporting repeal of Sunday “blue laws.”

What do the citizens need? Freedom From Religion!

I recently reported the great panty check story. Deut 22:5 clearly states that cross dressing is an abomination to god. Certain Christian schools in Mobile were requiring the female students to hike their skirts to the waist to prove they were wearing feminine panties instead of manly boxer shorts. Remember, Ladies, raise your skirts for God’s sake so he will know that you aren’t cross dressing.

What do these ladies need? Freedom From Religion!

Just this week, I signed up a couple for the Foundation. This couple, with my encouragement, has contacted the ACLU of Mississippi. They will be filling suit in Federal Court against the state of Mississippi and the Harrison County schools for passing out Gideon Bibles. The Foundation is once again on the cutting edge of human rights.

What do Wade & Deborah need? Freedom From Religion!

Therefore, as the Jew demands freedom from the Christian practice of speaking to God through Christ, the Christian demands freedom from the Muslim practice of bowing toward Mecca, and the Muslim demands freedom from the idolatry and polytheism of the Christian, we as freethinkers must demand freedom from the tenants, rituals, and symbols of all religions.

What do we all need? Freedom From Religion!

This was a rousing pep talk delivered by Foundation member Hank Shiver of Alabama, during the “Individual Activism” portion of the annual membership meeting, Huntsville, Alabama, October 24, 1993.

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