Fifth Foundation Banner Vandalized In Illinois Controversy (Jan/Feb 1994)

For the fifth time a Foundation banner in Ottawa, Illinois, protesting the seasonal display of 16 huge paintings of Jesus, was vandalized.

On December 21 (the solstice) Foundation staff Dan Barker and members Marvin Rogan and Farrell Till returned to Washington Park to rehang the banner. It waved 43 hours before being cut down. The police did not provide special protection, as requested. No arrests have been made.

The fifth banner reads: “Religion Is Divisive.” The other side reads, “Jesus Christ Is A Myth.”

The banner that was erected on December 4, 1993 during a Foundation rally lasted only 36 hours before it was cut down by unknown vandals.

In 1992 the Foundation’s first banner was stolen by a Sunday School teacher, another was burned, and the third banner was defaced by a man dressed as Santa. Two of these crimes resulted in convictions.

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